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成都/市男士眉毛修剪成都/韩艺医学美容医院An Indian lawmaker wants her compatriots to stop spending so much money on weddings.印度的一名议员希望她的同胞不要在婚礼上砸这么多钱。Ranjeet Ranjan, a member of parliament from the eastern state of Bihar, plans to introduce a bill designed to curb excessive wedding expenses in India.来自印度东部比哈尔邦的一名议员兰吉特?兰詹计划提出一项议案来抑制印度过多的婚礼花费。The proposal, should it become law, would require families that shell out more than 500,000 rupees (00) on nuptials to donate 10% of the money spent to a special government fund. The money raised would be used to help poorer families pay for their own weddings.这项提案如果成为法律,它将要求每户婚礼花费超过50万卢比(7500美元)的家庭捐出10%的钱给一项政府特别基金。募集的资金将用来帮助贫穷的家庭付婚礼费用。The bill would also authorize the government to ;fix the limit of guests and relatives and number of dishes to be served; in order to prevent food wastage.法案将让政府有权“限制参加婚礼的宾客亲友的人数和菜量”以防止食物浪费。;In our country there are so many million people who don#39;t have two meals to eat everyday, and even they have to get their children married,; Ranjan said in an interview on Thursday.兰詹16日在一次访谈中说:“在我们的国家还有数不清的人每天连两顿饭都吃不上,而他们还要付儿女的婚礼费用。”The lawmaker did not elaborate on how wedding spending would be monitored. But one of her representatives said that ;police and other officials; will enforce the rules.这位议员没有详细说明将如何监管婚礼花费。不过她的一位代表说“警察和其他官员”将执行相关法规。Weddings are a huge industry in India, with an estimated 10 million taking place each year. It#39;s not uncommon for Indian parents to start saving for their children#39;s weddings decades in advance.婚礼在印度是个大产业,每年举行的婚礼估计可达1000万场。在印度,父母们提前几十年为孩子的婚礼存钱并不少见。The ceremonies are often lavish, multiple-day affairs, with many costing thousands -- sometimes millions -- of dollars. Guest lists run into the hundreds and can even stretch into the thousands.婚礼通常持续数天,极为奢华,很多婚礼都是花费数千——有时是数百万——美元。婚礼邀请的宾客多达数百人,甚至数千人。;You won#39;t believe how much they spend, just one lunch will cost 2 million rupees (,000),; Ranjan said. ;Many middle-income families do not have a lot of money, but because of Indian society they feel the need to put on a display.;兰詹说:“你都不敢相信他们居然花了这么多钱,仅仅是一顿午饭就能花掉200万卢比(3万美元)。许多中等收入家庭并没有很多钱,但因为身处印度社会他们觉得有必要撑撑场面。”Those who can, do. A Bangalore-based mining baron, for example, reportedly spent around million on Brazilian samba dancers and bouncers (among other things) for his daughter#39;s wedding in November.那些有钱的,婚礼肯定会大花特花。有一个班加罗尔的矿业巨头去年11月给女儿操办婚礼,据说在巴西桑巴舞者和保镖上就花了约7500万美元。Ranjan aims to introduce her bill in early March during the ongoing session of parliament.兰詹计划在三月初印度议会开会期间提出这一议案。 /201702/493470自贡做PCD纹绣多少钱 Some Asian economies got a boost last month as demand picked up and new business inflows grew more robust. Hong Kong? Not so much.随着需求的复苏和新流入业务愈发强劲地增长,部分亚洲经济体上个月出现了增长。然而,香港却不在此列。The Nikkei Hong Kong purchasing managers’ index tracking the territory’s private sector business activity came in at 48.2 in October, dropping back after gains put it at 49.3 in September and in in sight of the 50-point line delineating contraction from expansion.跟踪研究香港私营部门业务活动的日经(Nikkei)香港采购经理人指数(PMI)在10月份的读数为48.2,这是继9月份增至49.3之后再次回落,而且落在了50这个荣枯线以下。The ing marked the twentieth straight month of contraction for Hong Kong’s private sector as new work from mainland China dropped at the sharpest rate in four months and weaker demand prompted a reduction in output.这一读数标志着,由于中国内地的新业务出现四个月内最快下滑以及需求降低导致产量下滑,香港私营部门的业务活动连续20个月出现收缩。That led to the fastest rate of job cuts in six months during October, but despite this staff costs at businesses rose again – as they have in five of the last six months. Meanwhile input costs reversed course from a dramatic rise in September to register a sharp decrease last month, possibly due to more favourable exchange rates for Hong Kong’s US dollar-pegged currency and cheaper new products.这一局面导致10月份香港工作岗位以半年内最快的速度流失。然而尽管如此,商界用工成本却再次攀升——此前六个月里有五个月也是这样。与此同时,上个月的投入成本走势逆转了9月份的大幅上升势头,录得急剧下滑的结果,其原因可能是由于紧盯美元的港币汇率上升以及新产品的降价。Markit economist Bernard Aw, who compiles the monthly survey, said in lieu of evidence of stronger demand in the months to come, “the private sector is unlikely to lift itself out of the current downturn.”编制这一月度调查的Markit经济学家Bernard Aw表示,今后几个月并没有需求走强的迹象,“私营部门不太可能摆脱目前的下行行情”。 /201611/475973成都/华美医院做纹绣多少钱

文山/做韩式雾状眉多少钱Donald Trump has signalled his intent to undo Barack Obama’s efforts to curb climate change by choosing as his chief environmental regulator a conservative state lawyer who is battling to overturn the president’s legacy.唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)选择了一位正努力推翻现任总统巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)政治遗产的保守派州检察官来担任自己的首席环境监管官员,以此表明他打算让奥巴马遏制气候变化的努力前功尽弃。Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma’s attorney-general, has been selected to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, as the president-elect turns to a man who, like himself, has questioned the science of climate change, the Trump team confirmed.特朗普团队实,俄克拉荷马州总检察长斯科特.普鲁伊特(Scott Pruitt,上图)被选为美国环保署(Environmental Protection Agency)负责人。美国侯任总统选择的是一位与他自己一样质疑气候变化科学性的人。If confirmed by the Senate he would be catapulted from the US’s oil-producing heartland to the centre of global policymaking on climate change, a position from which green groups worry he would wreck progress to stem carbon emissions.若这一提名获得美国参议院通过,普鲁伊特将从美国产油腹地一跃跻身全球气候变化政策制定核心。环保组织担心,他出任此职会毁掉遏制碳排放的进程。Mr Pruitt, 48, has railed against the EPA for meddling in state affairs and played a leading role in a lawsuit that has frozen the centrepiece of Mr Obama’s climate policy pending a court judgement.现年48岁的普鲁伊特强烈反对美国环保署干涉各州事务,并在一桩冻结了奥巴马气候政策核心环节的诉讼案中发挥了主导作用,该案仍有待法院裁决。His nomination sparked a fierce reaction from the left. Senator Jeff Merkley said he would turn the EPA into the “Polluter Protection Agency” and Eric Schneiderman, New York attorney-general, called him a “dangerous and unqualified choice”.普鲁伊特获提名引发了左翼阵营的强烈反应。参议员杰夫.默克利(Jeff Merkley)表示,普鲁伊特会把环保署变成“污保署”(Polluter Protection Agency),纽约州总检察长埃里克.施奈德曼(Eric Schneiderman)称普鲁伊特是一个“危险、不合格的选择”。The EPA has played a central role in devising Mr Obama’s Clean Power Plan rules to cut emissions from the power sector, which are the bedrock of the president’s commitments in the Paris climate accord.美国环保署主持制定了奥巴马“清洁电力计划”(Clean Power Plan)削减电力行业排放的规定,这些规定是奥巴马在巴黎气候协定中所作承诺的基础。Mr Trump has called global warming a “hoax” and threatened to ditch the Paris accord. His victory rocked international policymakers who have looked to the US for leadership on action against climate change.特朗普称全球变暖是一场“骗局”,还扬言要抛弃巴黎协定。他的胜选令那些寄望于美国带头采取行动遏制气候变化的国际政策制定者措手不及。 /201612/482635彭州做激光脱毛多少钱 成都/华西整形韩式半永久纹眉多少钱

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