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励志!#;悬崖村#;孩子爬藤梯上学 -- :7:5 来源:sohu 四川省凉山彝族自治州昭觉县尔莫乡阿土勒尔村,是一座名副其实的“悬崖村”,村里通向外界需要顺着悬崖断续攀爬条藤梯县里曾几次规划过修路,但因造价大概在6000万左右,投入和产出极不相称,只好一再搁浅(5月日新京报《悬崖上的村庄) The official of a village in southwest China has pledged to build a steel ladder as a temporary alternate passway villagers to the wooden one hanging off a cliff right now.The village named Atule'er locates in Sichuan Province.The village official also announced possible road building plans as a long-term solution to the traffic inconvenience.The issue was first disclosed on May by Beijing News. 据报道,这条藤梯是通向外界的唯一方式,在崖下上学的孩子们,需要在家长的保护下,攀爬两个小时才能回家而村民每周一次的赶集也需要攀爬这些藤梯,每次惊心胆战的攀爬都使村民处在危险之中 According to the report, the village is situated on a cliff. The only way to get out of the village is to climb down through a wooden ladder hanging on the cliff.The facility has put villagers' life in danger, especially children who have to go through here every day to go to school.Adults will go out shopping daily supplies once a week, also by climbing the ladder. 问题一:孩子为何需下山上学? 有人质疑为什么学校要在村外建设,昭觉县委办公室秘书吉克劲松表示,政府部门曾在山上建过学习点,但“山上面积太小,修建学校不现实,只能搬到山下” Following the official's response, however, many argued that there might be a better solution.Someone questioned why the school has to be located outside the village.The official said if the school was moved up the cliff, the power or water supply could not be guaranteed considering the poor facilities in the village. 问题二:村民有无整体搬迁可能? 既然政府对此早已知情,环境这么恶劣,进村出村都要冒着生命危险,那为什么不易地搬迁?为何悬崖村通向外界的道路到目前还只有那条危险的藤梯?当地政府并非没有考虑过易地搬迁,一是村民不想离开世代居住的土地,二是易地搬迁意味着失地,农民搬迁到城市附近后生计是一大难题,而现在的悬崖村其实土地资源和气候条件是很好的,致富并不难 Others proposed possibly relocating the village. The official responded by saying that most senior villagers may refuse to leave the place they have been living their lifetime, adding that the high living cost in cities may also be a challenge the villagers. 这个村处于美姑河大峡谷断坎岩肩斜台地,所在位置就像三层台阶的中间那级,海拔00多米,与地面垂直距离约800米据悉,在这条路上摔死的人有七八个,有村里的人,也有外来的人阿土勒尔村过去建有连接山下的索道,不过开动一次索道需要几百度电,村里人根本用不起,后来索道就拆除了 The village sits 1,00 meters high above sea level, which ces the villagers to take a dangerous journey between their homes and the outside world, since the only “road” they can take is made of rattan.According to the township head, seven or eight people have fallen to their death along the way. He added that the village used to have an electric elevator, but it cost too much money and the villagers couldn't afd it.小贝一家到底多有钱? --9 ::50 来源: The Beckham family empire has grown to include lucrative endorsements, modelling contracts and a fashion line or two - so it's no secret that Brand Beckham can sell. But a new study reveals just how lucrative the family brand really is.贝克汉姆家产业帝国的发展已经涵盖了品牌代言、模特签约、以及一两个时尚系列贝克汉姆的品牌魅力已不是什么秘密但一项新研究揭示了这个家庭品牌真正的吸金能力The marketing value of all the family members - mer England football captain David, ex-Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria and their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper - plus their business ventures mean Brand Beckham is worth around £500 million, according to the London School of Marketing.贝克汉姆家庭成员包括前英格兰足球队队长大卫、由前流行组合辣(Spice Girl)成员转型时装设计师的维多利亚以及他们的孩子布鲁克林(Brooklyn)、罗密欧(Romeo)、克鲁兹(Cruz)和哈珀(Harper)伦敦营销学院(London School of Marketing)的数据显示,他们一家人再加上贝克汉姆名下的公司,总营销价值已约为5亿英镑It also translates to earnings of around £30-£0 million a year the family.而家族品牌价值还能转化为一年约3000万到000万英镑的收入Their marketing power stems from three main vehicles, Footworks, where David"s football related revenues are collected, the Beckham label, endorsements, and Beckham Ventures, Victoria's fashion business, the London School of Marketing's experts said.伦敦营销学院的专家称,他们的市场动力来自三个主要领域:Footworks——大卫足球相关领域产生的收入、贝克汉姆品牌——广告代言收入、以及贝克汉姆投资公司(Beckham Ventures)——维多利亚的时装生意收入Current estimates put the value Footworks at £0 million, the Beckham name at £70 million and Beckham Ventures at £60 million, they added.他们补充说,目前估计步法公司价值1.5亿英镑,贝克汉姆品牌价值7000万英镑,贝克汉姆投资公司价值6000万英镑But while the elder family members have been the main contributors so far, the Beckham offspring are gaining ground with business dealings and marketing appeal of their own.不过,虽然目前小贝夫妇是家族收入的主力,他们的子女也在商业活动及扩展各自市场人气方面攻城略地Sixteen-year-old Brooklyn has a . million-strong following on Instagram and has recently appeared on the cover of Miss Vogue.十六岁的布鲁克林在图片分享平台Instagram上已有0万的铁杆粉丝,最近又成为时尚杂志《Miss Vogue的封面人物Younger brother Romeo meanwhile has fronted a Burberry Christmas campaign and was credited with driving a % sales boost.二公子罗密欧曾为时尚大牌巴宝莉(Burberry)拍摄圣诞节广告片,使该品牌营业额增长了%"The Beckham name has the Midas touch when it comes to advertising, even the mere mention of their name associated with a brand is a small news event in itself," said Anton Dominique, chief marketing officer at the London School of Marketing.“贝克汉姆这个名字具有点石成金的魔力,一个品牌即使与贝克汉姆只产生些许的关联,就能够引起小小的轰动,” 伦敦营销学院的首席营销官安东?多米尼克(Anton Dominique)说"What is also interesting is that the family name is almost as influential as any individual family member," he added.“还有一点比较有趣,贝克汉姆这个姓氏几乎跟这个家庭任何一名成员一样有影响力,”他补充道David recently added another deal to his collection, signing up to front a clothing line by Trinity, the Hong Kong-based owner of Gieves Hawkes.大卫最近又将一份合约收入囊中,与总部位于香港的君皇仕(Gieves Hawkes)的母公司利邦签约,为其装品牌进行代言Vocabularylucrative:有利可图的,赚钱的stem from:源自于英文来源:独立报译者:杨轩兰德报告《与中国开战:想不敢想之事揭示美对中强硬态度 --01 :1:5 来源: 7月9日,美国智囊团兰德公司发布了最新的兰德报告--《与中国开战:想不敢想之事,揭示了美国对中方强硬态度 A recently released report from a noted US think tank said that while China will reduce the military gap with the US, a hypothetical war between the two world powers would hurt China more, even as Chinese experts said the report’s publication shows the US’ hard-line attitude toward China.最近美国一个著名智囊团发布了一份报告,表示说尽管中国将会减小和美国的军事差距,但是假如这两个世界大国开战,中国受到的伤害将会更多,而中国专家则表示这份报告的出版显示了美国对中国的强硬态度The report, "War with China: Thinking through the Unthinkable," published by the Rand Corporation, a research organization that offers public policy recommendations, said that "in , US losses could be a relatively small fraction of ces committed, but still significant; Chinese losses could be much heavier than US losses and a substantial fraction of ces committed," but "China’s anti-access and area-denial will make it increasingly difficult the US to gain military-operational dominance and victory, even in a long war."这份报告题为《于中国开战:向不敢想之事,由美国兰德公司出版,该公司是一家提供公共政策建议的研究机构这份报告指出“如果在年开战,美国的损失只是所指挥部队里相对较小的一部分力量,但是仍然很重大;但是中国的损失要比美国的损失大得多,损失了所指挥部队里相当大的一部分力量”,但是“中国的反介入和区域封锁策略将使得美国越来越难以获得军事行动的优势和胜利,即使在长期战争中也是如此”Theree, "by 5, US losses could range from significant to heavy; Chinese losses, while still very heavy, could be somewhat less than in ," it said.这份报告指出,,“而如果在5年开战,美国可能会从‘损失重大’发展到‘损失惨重’;而尽管中国的损失仍然会很惨重,但是却可能比年的损失要小一些”Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China eign Affairs University, told the Global Times that Rand is the representative of US military hardliners. If the report is only internal use then it is not an issue. However, the publishing of this report will surely affect public opinion and attempts to influence US policy toward China. "Though some people in the US are tough toward China, it is still hard to see the US government starting a war," said Li.外交学院国际关系研究所教授李海东(音)对《环球时报表示说,兰德公司是美国军方强硬派的代表如果这份报告之事用于内部使用的话,那么就不是什么大问题但是,这份报告的出版,必将影响公共舆论,并试图影响美国对华政策李海东说道:“虽然美国一些人对中国很强硬,但是美国政府仍然很难发动一场战争”The report also said although war would harm both economies, damage to China’s could be catastrophic and lasting on the order of a 5-35 percent reduction in China’s GDP in a year-long war, compared with a - percent drop in the US GDP.兰德报告还指出,尽管战争将会对两个经济体都造成伤害,但是中国遭受的破坏要更加惨重一些,在长达一年的战争中,中国的GDP将会减少5%到35%,而美国只会减少%到%Zhao Xiaozhuo, a research fellow at the Center on China-US Defense Relations of the PLA Academy of Military Science, told the Global Times that it is very hard to say to what extent Rand represents US policy. Rand, just like many official Chinese think tanks, receives research topics, inmation and financial support from the military and intelligence agencies, and issues reports the departments.中国人民解放军军事科学院中美防务关系中心研究员赵小卓(音)对《环球时报表示说,很难说兰德公司在何种程度上代表了美国的政策就像中国许多官方智囊团一样,兰德公司也是接受来自军方和情报部门的研究课题、情报和资金持,并为这些部门发布报告As of November , Rand has published 191 reports related to China, covering politics, the economy, the military, the environment and intellectual rights, according to media reports.据媒体报道,截止年月,兰德公司已经出版了191份与中国有关的报告,内容涉及政治、经济、军事、环境和知识产权绝世好爹地!美国男子睡在住院儿子床下走红网络 -- 3:: 来源: 近日,美国宾夕法尼亚州一名男子为了陪护住院的儿子而睡在幼儿床下的地板上妻子将这一幕记录了下来,拍成照片传到了网上,令丈夫一夜间成为了网络红人 A sweet photo of a Pennsylvania father sleeping under his sick son’s hospital crib has gone viral, touching the hearts of thousands.近日一张父亲为陪护住院的儿子而睡在儿子床下的照片在网上走红,感动了许多网友据悉,照片上的父亲来自美国宾夕法尼亚州Amy Palmer posted the image of her husband, Andre, and their toddler son Andre Jesse (AJ) to Facebook on Tuesday after the child suffered an asthma attack that sent him to hospital.艾米·帕尔默于上周二在Facebook上贴出了丈夫安德烈和儿子安德烈·杰西在医院睡觉时的照片据悉,杰西因患哮喘而接受住院治疗The photo shows the boy asleep in a blue crib while his father sleeps underneath, curled up on the hard hospital floor while lying on a pillow.照片显示,杰西睡在蓝色的幼儿床上,而安德烈则枕着枕头,蜷缩地躺在医院冰冷的地板上’This is a picture of a hard working man dedicated to his family,’ Mrs Palmer wrote in the caption.艾米在照片下面写道:“这是一位为了家庭不辞辛劳的父亲”’After working all night third shift, he’s right here with his son who is in the hospital.“就算值了一晚上班,他还是去陪伴住在医院的儿子”’He’s so tired but he’s here!! Father of the year award goes to Andre Palmer!!! I love you more than words baby.’“他虽然疲惫不堪却仍坚持陪着儿子!年度最佳父亲将得主--安德烈·帕尔默!宝贝,千言万语也无法表达我对你的爱”After sharing the photo on Tuesday, it had garnered nearly ,000 ’likes’ on Facebook by Thursday afternoon.截止上周四下午,这张照片已获得近000人点“赞”Mrs Palmer said the hospital room where her husband and son slept was so small the only thing that fit was the crib and a chair bed.艾米表示医院的房间太小了,只能放得下幼儿床或者折椅She said in a comment on the post that at the time her husband had gotten off work early in the morning, had just dropped their daughter off at daycare and was still half asleep when he lied down.艾米在一条中写道丈夫早晨下班回家后把女儿送到托儿所,然后才半睡半醒地躺下He had worked the graveyard shift, from pm to 7am, according to A News.据A新闻报道,安德烈是一名墓地的守夜人,要从晚上点工作到转天早上7点Mrs Palmer said while to some, they might just see a man lying on the floor, to her she sees ’a man who worked all night, who could have went home to go to sleep (I wouldn’t have minded knowing he worked all night), who could have asked me to get up so he could lay down,’ she wrote.艾米在帖子中表示有些人看到的只是一位躺在地上的男人,然而自己看到的却是“这位工作了一晚上的男人本可以回家睡觉,本可以叫起自己的老婆去医院陪护,然而自己却义无反顾地去了医院”’All this shows the amazing husband and father he is!!!’“所有的一切都说明了他是一位非常棒的丈夫和父亲”She said she did not let him sleep there long, making him get up so he could lay on the chair bed where he ended up sleeping.艾米说过了一会自己把丈夫叫了起来,让他睡在折椅上’Thanks all the prayers and thoughts, our little man was discharged this afternoon and is now resting at home. And daddy is sleeping, getting his rest a hour shift tonight,’ she wrote.“感谢大家的祈祷和关心,我们的小男子汉已经出院了,现在正在家休息我老公也在休息,今晚他要值个小时的班”On Thursday, Mrs Palmer shared another Facebook post saying she was overwhelmed by all the kind people who have reached out and have been touched by the photo.上周四,艾米在Facebook上又发表了一个帖子,称这几天有许多的人因看到照片而感动,也有许多人向自己伸出援手She explained she had snapped the photo because she thought her husband’s action was selfless.她解释说自己当时拍下照片纯粹是因为自己觉得丈夫的举动非常无私She also noted that the hospital was amazing during their time there and that she believes if they had known he was sleeping on the floor, they would have offered him something.艾米还说儿子住院期间医院吃惊于自己一家人的表现,她相信如果医院知道丈夫睡在地上一定会为他做些什么’Our son is doing much better and is now at home resting. Thanks again all of the support, we truly are so appreciative!!!!’“儿子的身体越来越好,正在家休息再次感谢大家的持,我们真的是感激不尽”Mrs Palmer told A News that her husband does everything he can their family.艾米告诉A新闻,丈夫为了家庭可以称得上竭尽全力’You just take it granted, and then something like this happens and you see how much it touches so many people,’ she said.她说道:“你对此已经习以为常,而这样的事发生时,你才发现多少人感动”[社会]必胜客击败海底捞全聚德成中国最受欢迎餐厅 -- :1:9 来源:sohu 在中国烹饪协会和中国经济出版协会共同发布的中国餐饮行业品牌排行榜上,必胜客等餐厅名列餐饮品牌前名据悉,这些奖项评定经过企业申请、协会推荐、网上投票、专家意见和媒体意见等环节,历时四个月完成 其他排名还包括包括十大晚餐品牌、十大火锅品牌、十大快餐品牌、十大西餐品牌、十大清真食品品牌和十大小吃食品品牌等 China Cuisine Association and the Association of China Economic Press published the rankings of brands in China’s catering industry, with Pizza Hut leading the top catering brands. These awards were based on applications from the enterprises, recommendations by the association, online voting, expert opinions and media opinions, which took four months to complete. Other rankings announced included the top dinner brands, top hotpot brands, top fast food brands, top Western food brands, top Muslim food brands and top snack food brands. 以下是名列前茅的 个餐饮品牌名单 The following are the top catering brands in China. 第十位:真功夫 Top : ZKungfu 第九位:耶里夏丽 Top 9: Yershari 第八位:外婆家 Top 8: Grandma's Home 第七位:全聚德 Top 7: Quanjude 第六位:千喜鹤 Top 6: Qianxihe 第五位:肯德基 Top 5: KFC 第四位:豪享来 Top : Haoxianglai 第三位:海底捞 Top 3: Haidilao 第二位:东来顺 Top : Donglaishun 第一位:必胜客 Top 1: Pizza Hut English Source:China Daily

越南边检在中国护照上爆粗口 中国谴责:无耻懦夫 --9 :58: 来源: 之前曾有报道说,越南边检在一名入境中国公民的护照上写下了两页的下流话,对此中国谴责为“懦夫”,要求越南进行调查 Pictures show a four-letter word written on the pages that contain a map including China’s "nine-dash line".从图片可以看出,印有“九段线”的中国护照上被写下了“F*CK”的字样The line marks China’s claim to territories in the South China Sea.“九段线”标识了中国在南海声称拥有主权的范围Those claims, which overlap with Vietnam’s, were recently rejected by an international tribunal.在中国声称拥有主权的范围里,部分地方和越南声称拥有主权的地方重叠了而且最近国际仲裁法庭的一份裁决驳斥了中国在南海的主权声明The tourist, surnamed Zhong and from China’s Guangdong province was entering Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. She told local media that she was "very disappointed at the personal qualities of Vietnamese officials".这名游客姓钟,来自广东,正要前往胡志明市她对当地媒体表示说,他对“越南办事人员的素质感到很失望”The Chinese consulate in Ho Chi Minh City said in a statement the act was "shameless and cowardly", adding that it had "stained the dignity of both China and its nationals".在一份声明中,中国驻胡志明市大使馆指出此举是“无耻懦夫行为”,并补充说此举“玷污了中国和中国国民的尊严”China has asked Vietnam to investigate the incident and "seriously punish" those responsible it, the statement said. An investigation is to be conducted, according to Vietnamese officials.在这份声明中,中国已经要求越南对此事件进行调查, 并且“严厉处罚”对此事件负责的人据越南官员表示,越方将进行一场调查Why is this an issue now?现在为什么这是一个问题?New passports were issued by Beijing in with revised maps to include the "nine-dash line", which China uses to demarcate its territorial claims.年,中国发行了新的护照,修订了中国地图,印上了“九段线”“九段线”是中国用来划定南海领土范围的标识China claims almost all of the South China Sea, including reefs and islands that are also claimed by other countries, and has controversially been engaging in island-building and naval patrols.中国声称对几乎整个南海都拥有主权,包括其他国家也声称拥有主权的珊瑚礁和岛屿,并且有争议地在该地区从事岛屿建设和海军巡逻It has said it does not recognise an international tribunal ruling in July that said its claims had no legal basis.今年7月国际仲裁法庭一份裁决表示中国在该地区的主权声明没有法律依据,对此中国表示不认可Vietnamese border officials announced earlier this month that they were refusing to stamp the new passports, saying Chinese visitors would be issued with a separate on-arrival visa instead.本月上旬,越南边境官员曾宣布他们将拒绝在中国的新护照上盖章,表示说中国游客将被签发一个单独的入境签"By issuing separate visas, Vietnamese authorities can avoid directly stamping the passport, thus demonstrating Vietnam’s stance of not recognising the nine-dash line in any m," the vice-chairman of Quang Ning province’s People’s Council, Mr Nguyen Xuan Ky told news outlet Tuoi Tre.越南广宁省人民委员会副主席Nguyen Xuan Ky对越南《青年报说道:“通过发行一个单独的入境签,越南官员们可以避免直接在中国护照上盖章,从而可以表明越南不承认任何形式‘九段线’的立场”Customs officers at Vietnam’s Da Nang airport have reportedly also confiscated maps featuring the nine-dash line from Chinese passengers.据报道,越南岘港机场的海关官员也没收了中国乘客手中标有“九段线”的地图Is this the only case of anti-Chinese sentiment in Vietnam?这是越南唯一的反华情绪吗?A provincial Vietnamese television station stopped airing Shanghai Bund, a Chinese remake of a Hong Kong series after the show’s lead actor voiced his support Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea.越南一家省级电视台停止播放《新上海滩(这是中国重拍香港电影而成的一部电视剧),其原因是这部电视剧的主演表明持中国在南海的主权声明Some people were also detained in Hanoi in July while protesting against China’s rejection of the tribunal decision.7月份,越南河内有人被拘留,当时他们正在抗议中国拒绝国际仲裁庭裁决

新神曲《感觉身体被掏空唱哭加班 --9 :53: 来源:chinadaily “十八天没有卸妆,月抛戴了两年半”上海虹室内合唱团又出新歌了!新作《感觉身体被掏空,是一部直指当下年轻人加班痛点的音乐作品,以幽默的笔触调侃繁重压力下的生活,唱出了广大上班族的心声Since it was released on Sina Weibo on July 7, it got 3 million clicks within 7 hours. 自7月7日在新浪微上发布以来,在7小时内这首歌被点击300万次The band, Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus, consists of young people from many walks of life, including programmers, designers and ants, as well as graduate students in anthropology, chemistry and gourmet food.该乐队名叫上海虹室内合唱团,由来自各行各业的年轻人组成,包括程序员、设计师和会计师,以及人类学、化学和美食专业的研究生"This is a musical work that touches a raw nerve with workers. By exposing young people's exhaustion through ridicule, we aim to reduce their pressure in an interesting manner," composer Jin Chengzhi said.作曲人金承志说:“这是一首触到职业人士痛处的音乐作品以幽默调侃的方式揭露年轻人的疲惫,我们的目的是以有趣的方式为他们减压”Some netizens said the self-deprecating sentiments in the tune struck a chord with them, while others said they have been brainwashed by the melody and felt a sudden impulse to quit their jobs and relax.有网友表示,歌曲中自嘲的态度触动了他们的心弦,而另一些人则说自己已经被旋律洗脑,突然有一种辞掉工作去放松的冲动 "The series of songs from the band changed my impression of the chorus. High art can also be combined with mass culture. A successful artwork can always reflect the happiness and sorrow of the general public," Sina Weibo user Purple-sagittarius said.新浪微用户“紫色射手座”说:“这个乐队的一系列歌曲改变了我对合唱团的印象高雅艺术也可以与大众文化相结合一个成功的作品总是能反映普通大众的快乐和悲伤“It is just another way that young people in China have expressed their attitudes toward life.这只是中国年轻人表达他们生活态度的另一种方式"Young Chinese seem to enjoy finding happiness in suffering. However, after throwing crazy and entertaining parties, getting back into reality a better life is the universal truth that never changes," an English teacher working in Beijing said.一位在北京工作的英语老师说:“中国人的年轻人似乎很享受苦中作乐然而,在恣意疯狂和聚会之后,回到现实寻求更好的生活是一个永恒的普遍真理”英文来源:中国日报网翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaningSeven sensational online songs from to 那些年,我们追过的七首网络神曲With the development of widely used Internet, people have cheaper and easier access to music than bee. Distributing a song through the Internet does not cost as much in terms of time and hard cash as the old the way of CDs or tapes. A great quantity of online music has been born in the past years, among which some songs became very hot and were known as "miraculous songs". Let's take a look at seven popular online songs from to the present.随着互联网的广泛应用,与以前相比,人们可以以更实惠、更简单的方式听音乐与发行CD或录音带的老方式相比,通过互联网发行一首歌曲的时间和现金成本不算大在过去的年里诞生了大量的网络音乐,其中一些歌曲变得非常火,被称为“神曲”让我们看看从年到现在7首流行的网络歌曲An online song titled Zhang Shichao, Where On Earth Did You Keep the Keys to My Apartment has become popular on the Internet. Some netizens considered it the first "miraculous song" of .今年一月,虹合唱团演唱的《张士超你到底把我家钥匙放哪里了被称为年第一首神曲Jin Chenzhi. [PhotoIC]Zhang Shichao, Where On Earth Did You Keep the Keys to My Apartment () 《张士超,你到底把我家钥匙放在哪里了() The song was regarded by netizens as the first "miraculous song" of this year. It uses a serious male and female chorus to present simple and plain lyrics. This contrast makes the song sound funny and laughable. The song was created by Jin Chenzhi, a young composer and conductor. 这首歌被网友们认为是今年的第一首“神曲”它用严肃的男女合唱来呈现简单而质朴的歌词这种对比使歌曲听起来滑稽可笑这首歌由年轻的作曲家和指挥家金承志创作 Netizens said the song is "talk about nonsense in a serious way". But will it be the real miraculous song in ? It is still too early to make a judgment, because there are still?many months being left to test it. 网民们说,这首歌是“严肃地谈论无聊的事”但它会不会是真正的年“神曲”?现在下结论还为时尚早,因为还有很多个月的时间来检验它歌曲链接:http:music.baidu.comsongs87f980bce5698a85Xue Cun. [PhotoIC]#0;?All Northeasterners are Living Lei Feng ()《东北人都是活雷锋()All Northeasterners are Living Lei Feng became popular on the Internet in China in . The lyrics are simple and easy to remember. The song tells the story of a man hurt in a car accident who was rescued by a northeasterner. The song ended with "Cui Hua, serve pickled cabbage" (pickled cabbage is popular in Northeast China). The creator, Xue Cun, who also sang the song, adds a northeastern accent in it.年歌曲《东北人都是活雷锋在中国网络上走红歌词很简单,容易记住这首歌讲述了一个人遭遇车祸受伤,被一个东北人搭救的故事这首歌以“翠花,上酸菜”为结尾(酸菜在中国东北很受欢迎)这首歌的创作者兼演唱者是雪村,他在演唱中加入了东北口音Compared to most "serious music", either about romance or an ode to the motherland, the song is funny and joyous. It quickly became hot as the Internet became more widely used.相比大多数“严肃音乐”,无论是作为浪漫爱情歌曲还是爱国颂歌,这首歌都很有趣、很欢乐随着互联网的使用变得更加广泛,这首歌很快就火起来歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue5839?frombaiduYang Chengang, creator of Mouse Love Rice. [PhotoIC]Mouse Love Rice ()《老鼠爱大米()Mouse Love Rice is another hot online song. Although still about romance, the creator uses a mouse's fondness rice as a metaphor passion between the sexes. In most romantic songs, love is often aesthetically described in terms of flowers, moonlight, clouds or rain. But in Mouse Love Rice, romance looks simpler yet purer when it is compared to the relationship between a mouse and rice.《老鼠爱大米是年的另一首热门网络歌曲虽然也是有关浪漫爱情,创作者用老鼠对大米的喜爱隐喻男女之间的在大多数浪漫歌曲中,爱情往往被描述为美好的事物,如花朵、月光、云或雨但在《老鼠爱大米这首歌里,当被比作老鼠和大米之间的关系时,爱情似乎更简单也更纯净In , it was downloaded more than million times by Chinese mobile phone users.年,《老鼠爱大米在中国的手机下载量超过千万次歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue33?frombaiduGong Linna. [PhotoIC]Tan Te ()《忐忑()Tan Te was created by professional folk singer Gong Linna and her husband. Bee becoming an Internet sensation in China, the original Tan Te had been permed by Gong in Germany in . Unlike other songs, it has no lyrics, but only mimetic words. Plus Gong permed the song with very vivid and exaggerated facial expressions, which gives audiences a fresh beat. Tan Te is the first online music to have been titled a "miraculous song".《忐忑是由专业的民歌手龚琳娜和她的丈夫创作的在成为中国的网络神曲之前,龚琳娜曾于年在德国演唱过《忐忑与其他的歌曲不同,《忐忑没有歌词,只有拟声词再加上龚琳娜用非常生动和夸张的面部表情表演了这首歌,这使得观众耳目一新《忐忑是第一首被称为“神曲”的网络歌曲The music received millions of hits on the Internet. Many netizens imitated the song and upload their own version. Even Faye Wong tried to sing Tan Te, but later admitted on her Weibo that it is very difficult.《忐忑的视频在网上获得了数百万的点击率许多网友翻唱了这首歌,并上传自己的版本甚至王菲都试图翻唱《忐忑,但后来在微上承认太难了歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue889?frombaiduPhoenix Legend. [PhotoIC]#0;?The Coolest Ethic Trend ()《最炫民族风()Zhang Chao, a member of Chinese pop band Phoenix Legend, composed The Coolest Ethic Trend and it went hot with the widesp popularity of square dancing in . In , it ranked first among the top 500 popular songs 7 weeks on Baidu online music. Because of its lively rhythm, the song is often chosen to accompany a square dance.张超,中国流行乐队凤凰传奇的成员,创作了《最炫民族风年,随着广场舞的广泛普及,《最炫民族风火了年,百度在线音乐最受欢迎的500流行歌曲中,《最炫民族风有7周排名第一由于其动感的节奏,这首歌往往被选为广场舞伴奏Zhang added many elements of Chinese folk music to the song, such as the drum in the Cantonese lion dance and the folk music of the Gaoshan ethnic group.张超在这首歌中添加了许多中国民间音乐元素,如广东舞狮用的鼓和高山族的民间音乐歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue5795?frombaiduXiao Yang (left) and Wang Taili. [PhotoIC]?Little Apple ()《小苹果()Little Apple was created by Xiao Yang and Wang Taili, members of the Chopstick Brothers. The music soon hit No.1 on the top hit lists of major online music websites within two weeks after its distribution. The joyous rhythm, simple but lively movements of the dance and funny stories in the music contributed to its huge success. The song and dance are suitable a group of people to dance together, which goes well with the situation in China: the country has such a large population.《小苹果是由筷子兄弟组合成员肖央和王太利创作该歌曲的音乐录影带发行后两周内,很快就攀升至各大网络音乐网站的热门榜单的榜首MV中欢快的节奏,简单活泼的舞蹈动作以及有趣的故事使这首歌大获成功这首歌及其舞蹈适合一组人一起跳,很符合中国的情况:人口众多It won the award international song of the year at the American Music Awards in . The dance was imitated by both the old and the young and the music was adapted to many versions of parodies by the public.《小苹果在年度全美音乐奖颁奖典礼上获得“年度国际最佳流行音乐奖”老年人和年轻人都模仿歌曲的舞蹈,而且该MV被公众改编成许多版本歌曲链接:http:bd.kuwo.cnyinyue856?frombaiduJoseeh Punmanlon. [PhotoIC]My Skateboard Shoes( )《我的滑板鞋()The public still questions the popularity of My Skateboard Shoes and its creator, Joseeh Punmanlon. Unlike other online music, which was created by professional musicians or singers, My Skateboard Shoes is the work of a young man whose real name is Pang Mingtao. Pang was born in a small village in Hanzhong in Shaanxi province and has no academic or professional training in music. But he endeavors to realize his music dream. The lyrics are simple with no special rhythm. One part of the lyrics, "rub, rub, rub on the slippy floorrub, rub, the steps of the Devil", became the most able sentences.公众仍在质疑《我的滑板鞋的流行,及其作者约瑟翰?庞麦郎与其他网络歌曲不同,这首歌不是由专业的音乐人或歌手的创作《我的滑板鞋的作者是一个年轻人,他的真实姓名是庞明涛庞明涛出生在陕西省汉中市的一个小村庄,在音乐方面没有任何理论或专业的培训但他努力实现自己的音乐梦想这首歌的歌词很简单,没有特别的节奏歌词的一段是,“擦擦,在这光滑的地上擦擦擦,似魔鬼的步伐”,成为被引用最多的句子

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