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The Christmas pudding we recognise today is a Victorian dish made from suet, dried fruit, candied peel, bcrumbs, spices, egg and grated carrots and apples.我们现在经常见到的圣诞布丁,最早起源于维多利亚时代。其主要成分包括(牛羊腰部的)板油、干果、蜜饯果皮、面包屑、香料、鸡蛋、磨碎的胡萝卜和苹果。The Victorians shaped their puddings into a spherical shape and boiled them in a muslin cloth.维多利亚时期的人把布丁弄成球型,并用棉布包着放在水里煮。‘Stir up Sunday’ (the last Sunday before Advent) has become associated with the start of the pudding-making process, in order to allow it least a month to mature before being consumed on Christmas Day.唤醒星期日(基督降临日前最后一个星期日)一般标志着圣诞布丁制作过程的开始,因为布丁最后做好需要至少1个月的时间。这个时候开始制作可以确保在圣诞节当天大家能够享用圣诞布丁。At Christmas, the pudding is doused in brandy and set alight.圣诞节当天,布丁会被淋上白兰地(烧酒)然后点着火、点亮,然后端上桌。 /201312/269281A Cornell-educated artist and sculptor has come up with a highly bizarre, but probably very effective, #39;personal space#39; creating dress.一位康奈尔大学的艺术家和雕刻家设计出了一个非常奇怪但或许又十分有效的能创造“私人空间”的连衣裙。Kathleen McDermott, who is currently based in Hong Kong, designed the motorized dress after experiencing repeated instances of men crowding her on public transportation networks.目前居住在香港的麦克德莫特,在多次经历公共交通网络的拥挤后设计出了这个伸缩自如的连衣裙。The ruffled pink and white creation doesn#39;t spring out suddenly in the fashion of an umbrella, as it looks like it might, but rather senses a looming presence, and slowly expands outwards.尽管长得挺像伞,但这个带褶皱的粉色加白色连衣裙并不会像伞一样突然撑开,而是在感受到周围的压力后缓慢向外展开。#39;So I began to look for ways women could take more ownership over their personal space in public.#39;“因此我开始寻求一些方法,可以让女性在公共场合保持一定的私人空间。”Ms McDermott built the dress herself and used #39;proximity sensors#39; to identify when a lurker gets too close for comfort, and plastic scaffolding within the garment to enable the hemline to expand.麦克德莫特女士亲手做出了这个连衣裙,她在裙子里用了“近距离传感器” 以防有不轨之徒过分靠近,并且在衣下安装了塑料架,确保裙边可以展开扩大。Most of us have experienced unwanted leering on the subway, but plenty have dealt with worse in busy, thriving cities around the world.大部分人在地铁里都有过被眼神挑逗的不愉快经历,但是在很多忙碌发达的城市里,很多人还遭遇过更糟糕的事。A survey two weeks ago conducted by the Los Angeles Metro system, which covers trains and buses, revealed that one in five riders say they#39;ve been sexually harassed in the past month.洛杉矶地铁系统在两周前进行的一个调查显示,在火车和公交上,每五个乘客中就有一个在上月受到过性骚扰。In Tokyo, the problem has become so alarming that their Metro system has introduced #39;women-only#39; cars on their trains during rush hour.在东京,这个问题已经严重到公交系统引进专为女性乘客在高峰期使用的公交。 /201406/304616Once in a while, you will need to encounter sentences that make you smile as you will need more inspiration and motivation to go on with your life. Which sentences do you think will make you smile the most?总有那么一段时日,我们需要一些激励人心的话来获得动力,让自己微笑着继续生活。那么哪些句子能让我们笑对生活呢?Here are ten of them:在这里:1.Yes, today, everything is going to be great!1.是的,今天,一切都会很好!Your thoughts can heavily influence your actions and also your mood for the day. Choose to sentences that make you smile. Be grateful for another day that you’re alive. Choose to spend your life with optimistic thoughts and refreshing beliefs, and get rid of any thought that says otherwise. Indeed, every day can be a great day if you want it to be.我们的想法在很大程度上会左右我们的言行,甚至是一天的心情。阅读一些让人开怀的句子。感谢曾活过的每一天。带着积极地心态和信仰生活,摒弃与之相反的思想。事实上,只要一心希望自己会生活得很好,它就会真的很不错。2.You are here in this world to make a positive difference.2.你的存在会对这个世界产生积极的影响。You were given a gift—a talent or a skill—that you can use to help empower yourself and eventually empower others. Make the most out of it by touching lives and influencing people to change for the better.我们天生就有一种能力–可以鼓励自己,也可以鼓励他人。多多接触他人,尽可能的影响他人,使他们的生活变得更好。3.You have the power to spend your life with people who truly matter to you.3.你有权利和那些对你真诚的人共度一生。You don’t have to spend the rest of your life with people who don’t treasure you! Yes, you can quit your job if you’re working in a toxic environment. Yes, you can close your business if your business partner is a cheater. Yes, you can get out of your romantic relationship if your lover doesn’t accept you for who you are. You have the power to do so, remember?不必与那些并不真心待你的人浪费自己的生命。当然,如果你的工作环境很糟,你也大可辞掉那份工作。同样,如果你工作伙伴是个小人,你也大可结束你们之间的工作关系。此外,如果你所爱的人不能接受你这样一个人,你也大可结束你们之间的感情。你有权利那么做,记住了吗?4.It doesn’t matter how many times you fail; what matters is how many times you stand up and try again.4.失败多少次都不重要,关键是要在失败后站起来,再试一次。Don’t be discouraged by your failures! Learn from the successful people and use failures as life’s way of teaching us valuable lessons. Want to know a secret? Successful people fail a lot more than unsuccessful ones.失败后不要灰心!与成功人士交流经验,把失败当做生活教会我们积累经验的有用方式。想知道一个秘密吗?那就是成功的人失败的次数往往比那些不成功的人失败的次数更多。 /201311/265179

Emissions from coal plants in China were responsible for a quarter of a million premature deaths in 2011 and are damaging the health of hundreds of thousands of Chinese children, according to a new study.根据一项新的研究,中国燃煤电厂排放的气体导致了2011年25万人过早死亡的结果,并且损害着几十万中国儿童的健康。The study by a US air pollution expert, commissioned by Greenpeace, comes as many areas in northern and eastern China have been experiencing hazardous levels of air pollution in recent weeks.这项研究是由一名受绿色和平组织委任的美国空气污染研究专家进行的。正好近几周,中国北部和东部的许多地区一直遭受着严重级别的空气污染。In some eastern cities including Shanghai, levels were off the index that tracks dangerous pollution, with schools closing and flights being cancelled or diverted. Sales of air purifiers and face masks have soared with many retailers selling out of stock as residents try to protect themselves from the poisonous smog. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces visibility was reduced to less than 50 metres earlier this week and in the city of Nanjing a red alert for pollution was maintained for five consecutive days.包括上海在内的一些东部城市中,污染等级超出了探测污染严重级别的指数,导致学校停课,航班取消或改变航道。空气净化器和面具的销售量一路飙升,许多零售商都卖出了已有的存货,因为市民们想保护自己,免受有毒烟雾的侵害。在江苏省和浙江省,这周刚开始能见度就降到不足50米。在南京市,连续五天都持续着空气污染红色预警。The analysis traced the chemicals which are made airborne from burning coal and found a number of health damages were caused as a result. It estimates that coal burning in China was responsible for reducing the lives of 260,000 people in 2011. It also found that in the same year it led to 320,000 children and 61,000 adults suffering from asthma, 36,000 babies being born with low weight and was responsible for 340,000 hospital visits and 141 million days of sick leave.该分析中还追查了由燃煤而产生的空中飘浮化学物质,并且发现这些化学物质会导致许多损害健康的结果。据估计,2011年中国的燃煤导致26万人减寿。并且在同一年,发现该污染还使32万儿童和6.1万成人遭受哮喘病的痛苦,3.6万体重过轻的婴儿出生。还导致了34万次的病房探病和1.41亿天的病假。;This study provides an unprecedentedly detailed picture of the health fallout from China#39;s coal burning,; said Dr Andrew Gray, a US-based expert on air pollution, who conducted the research. Using computer simulations, Gray said he was able to ;draw a clear map tracing the trail of health damages left by the coal fumes released by every power plant in China, untangling the contribution of individual companies, provinces and power stations to the air pollution crisis gripping the country.;安德鲁?格雷士(Dr Andrew Gray)是美国研究空气污染的专家,并且进行了这次的研究。他说:“这项研究就中国燃煤对人体健康带来负面影响的问题提供了一个前所未有的详细概况。”通过电脑模拟,格雷说他可以“画出一个清晰的地图,追踪探索中国每一个发电厂排放的煤烟所导致的损害健康的痕迹,弄清个体公司、省市还有发电厂各自导致空气污染的程度,毕竟这次污染危机是关乎整个国家的命运。”China#39;s air pollution problems frequently make headlines around the world.中国的空气污染问题频繁地登上各国的头版头条。Isabel Hilton, editor of China Dialogue, an independent website that publishes information and debate on the environment in China, said coal is the main cause of the country#39;s air pollution problems. Coal burning in China ;produces heavy metal pollution and produces particulate pollution on a scale that is getting quite extraordinary,; she said.《中外对话》(China Dialogue)是一个讨论中国环境问题及提供其资讯的独立网站。它的编辑伊莎贝尔?希尔顿(Isabel Hilton)说,煤炭是国家空气污染问题的主要原因。她还说中国的燃煤“导致重金属污染和粉尘污染,其规模相当惊人。”China is the world#39;s largest consumer of coal, which is its main energysource, and is responsible for around half the world#39;s coal consumption. The impacts of its reliance on coal are becoming more well known and recently there was much online discussion after an eight-year-old girl was diagnosed with lung cancer which her doctor blamed on air pollution.中国是世界最大的煤炭消耗国,煤炭是中国最主要的能源,也将近占据世界煤炭总消耗量的一半。中国对煤炭依赖的负面影响越来越被人们所熟知。最近,有个八岁的小女孩被诊断为肺癌,医生说是空气污染所致,这一事件引起了网上热烈的讨论。According to Gray#39;s study, while the growth of coal consumption has slowed, 570 new coal-fired plants are either being built or are planned, and if they go ahead would be responsible for a further 32,000 premature deaths each year.根据格雷的研究,虽然煤炭消耗量的增长速度下降了,但570个新燃煤电厂正处在建设或规划中。所以,如果继续下去,燃煤电厂的排放会导致每年增加3.2万过早死亡的人。In September, the Chinese government announced a plan to tackle the high levels of air pollution including for the first time measures to cut coal consumption. Under the plan, China aims to cut air pollution in some of the worst affected areas including Beijing by 2017.九月,中国政府公布了一项计划来控制严重的空气污染,包括首次公布削减煤炭使用量的措施。根据计划,中国旨在2017年前消除污染最严重地区的空气污染,包括北京。Hilton said that the reductions in the plan would not be enough to make a difference within a short time frame. ;It is going to be difficult to make a difference very shortly. Much more radical things will have to happen,; she said.希尔顿说该计划中的削减措施不会在短期内见效。她说:“在很短的时间内改变现状非常困难。要有更多彻底的,根治性的措施。”;The government has been forced into much greater transparency on the data,; she added. ;But I do think the ambition has to be raised quite a lot.;她还强调:“政府被迫在数据上提高了透明度,但我认为这种决心应该再大一点才行。” /201312/269424

BEIJING: Snaps of a meat pie seller in central China have gone viral because ofhis resemblance to Xi Jinping, the Communist nation#39;s all powerfulpresident.北京:中国中部某肉饼店老板的照片在网络上被疯传,原因是其长相酷似中华人民共和国习主席。 /201407/313176

1. Penguins Mate for Life1. 企鹅伴侣厮守终生?During the mid-2000s, films like ;Happy Feet; made penguins all the rage, and young lovers went around spouting off facts like ;penguins mate for life.; While the idea is sweet, it#39;s not exactly true.Penguins usually stick with their partners through the mating season, but when it#39;s time to mate again, they choose whomever is convenient, not necessarily their old flame.几年前,《快乐的大脚》等多部以企鹅为题材的电影热映,令这种憨态可掬的可爱动物风靡全球。与此同时,“企鹅伴侣厮守终生”的说法也在年轻人尤其是小情侣间流传开来。尽管这个说法很动听,但它并不是事实。目前大约有18个企鹅物种,它们的交配习性在本质上相似。交配季期间,它们会与选定的伴侣厮守在一起。但当下一个交配季来临时,它们会再次选择合适的配偶,不论对方是不是自己的“旧爱”。对于筑巢的企鹅来说,交配季时还会上演肥皂剧戏码。例如阿德利公企鹅会筑好巢穴接受母企鹅检查,如果公企鹅之前的配偶来到了,“旧爱”可能会将“新欢”赶出巢穴。2. Vincent Van Gogh Cut Off His Entire Ear2. 梵高割下整只耳朵?This is not entirely true. It was not his entire ear - just the tip of the lobe - and some say he didn#39;t even do it. Van Gogh lived with artist Paul Gauguin, who had quite a violent temper, and many believe Gauguin actually did the cutting.Either way, Van Gogh did reportedly send the tip to a prostitute.据史料记载,荷兰著名画家文森特#8226;梵高曾割掉耳朵,后在法国瓦兹河饮弹自杀。但需要澄清的是,梵高割掉的不是整只耳朵,而是一部分耳垂。至于梵高割耳事件,有几个不同的版本。有人说他是割下耳朵洗净放在信封里,送给一名;有人说他是在得知自己经济和情感的柱——弟弟——即将结婚的消息后,精神崩溃割掉耳朵;还有人认为是梵高与好友、同样赫赫有名的画家高更争执时,被高更用剑砍掉了耳朵。3. Napoleon Bonaparte was Short3. 拿破仑是个矮子?Everyone knows Napoleon Bonaparte was a tiny man - after all, his nickname was ;le Petit Corporal.; His reputation for being short even inspired the phenomenon known as the ;Napoleon complex.;In reality, Napoleon stood around 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which was very average back in the day. Many believe his nickname was meant as a term of endearment, not a reference to his height.在心理学上有一个概念,被称为“拿破仑情结”,也叫作“矮个子症候群”。简单来说,就是矮个子比高个子更有暴力倾向。不难看出,身材矮小已成为贴在拿破仑身上最醒目的标签之一。人们普遍认为拿破仑是个矮子,这一看法源于他临终时测得的身高为5英尺2英寸(约合1.57米),但这是法国旧度量制度测量的结果,按照现在的单位换算,拿破仑的身高接近5英尺7英寸(约合1.7米),在他所处的年代这属于平均身高。那么,拿破仑为何被称作“小士兵”(Le Petit Caporel)?这是对他的爱称,而非取笑。4. Ben Franklin Preferred a Turkey to a Bald Eagle4. 富兰克林建议选火鸡当美国国鸟?The bald eagle is certainly a well-known representation of America, but legend has it that if Ben Franklin had his way, a turkey would have been much better. In reality, Franklin wrote a letter to his daughter mocking the eagle symbol used in a seal by the Society of the Cincinnati, a private military group.He said it looked like a turkey and may as well be one.本杰明#8226;富兰克林发明了避雷针,是一名杰出的发明家,也是美国著名政治家。有历史故事称,富兰克林不满意白头鹰作为美国国鸟,他建议选用火鸡。这其实是误读。在富兰克林写给女儿的一封信中,他讥讽一个私人军事组织将白头鹰用于印章,但他嘲笑的是印章上的白头鹰看起来像火鸡,而不是说火鸡更适合做美国国鸟。5. You Have Five Senses5. 人只有五种感觉?If you remember learning about the senses in elementary school, you know humans possess five: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Most scientists agree, however, that you have more like 10-20 senses, including pain, hunger, thirst, temperature, and more.古希腊哲学家亚里士多德认为,人有五种感觉:视觉、听觉、触觉、嗅觉和味觉。直至今日,这种说法仍得到主流科学家们的认同,因为这五种感觉能被检测出来。人还有其他的感觉吗?当然,疼痛、饥饿、口渴、冷热等等都是人的感觉,但不是通过前面五个“官”感知,而是地地道道、没有清晰位置或表现的感觉,这些感觉多达10至20种。6. George Washington had Wooden Teeth6. 乔治#8226;华盛顿有一口木质假牙?George Washington is known for three things: being the first president, chopping down a cherry tree, and having wooden teeth. At least one of these is certainly not true. While Washington did have bad teeth, his dentures were not wooden.提起乔治#8226;华盛顿,绝大多数人会马上联想到三件事:他是美国首任总统,他小时候砍倒了一棵樱桃树以及他有一口木质假牙。其中,至少有一件事不是真的,虽然华盛顿的牙口确实不好,但他的假牙不是木头做的。曾任美国加州大学洛杉矶牙科学院院长的里德尔#8226;索格内斯德深入研究了华盛顿的假牙。他宣称,华盛顿配过多副假牙,有铅制的、象牙的,也有使用人的、牛的以及其他动物的牙齿,但没有当时流行的木质假牙。而且,华盛顿的牙齿并不是全部脱落,到总统就职典礼时,除假牙外,他还有一颗真牙能够承担咀嚼工作。7. Einstein was a Bad Student7. 爱因斯坦学习成绩差?If you ever made bad grades and pulled the old ;Albert Einstein used to make bad grades; card with your parents or teachers, you are lucky you got away with it. In reality, Einstein was at the top of his class and mastered calculus when he was barely a teenager.The reputation he developed for being a bad student had more to do with his behavior. He liked to talk back to his teachers.经常有学生考砸了,就拿出“爱因斯坦小时候学习成绩也不好”的说辞为自己辩解。但事实上,爱因斯坦上学时一直在班级里成绩拔尖,他十几岁时就掌握了微积分。至于爱因斯坦为何会落下一个“坏学生”的名声,这与他的言行有关。爱因斯坦成绩好,但并不循规蹈矩、对老师的话言听计从,他遇事喜欢自己思考、提出自己的见解,也因此经常顶撞老师。 /201408/321480

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