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Being cold helps you lose weight, a new study found. Exercise or being exposed to low temperatures creates more #39;good#39; brown and beige types of body fat which burns calories in the body.一项新的研究表明,寒冷可以使人减肥。运动或暴露在低温下可以创造出更多“有益的”褐色和灰褐色类型的脂肪,他们可以在体内燃烧卡路里。Previous research has found being cold mimics the effects of exercise, protecting against obesity and improving metabolic health.此前的研究发现,寒冷可以模仿运动的效果,防止肥胖并改善代谢健康。Now, a new study has discovered how exposure to cold dramatically alters the composition of bacteria the gut, and this leads to fat-burning, improved glucose metabolism, and reduced body weight.目前,一项新的研究发现了暴露在寒冷中是如何改变肠道细菌的组成,这可以引起脂肪燃烧,提高葡萄糖的新陈代谢,并降低体重。The findings could provide new treatments for overweight or obese people, researchers said.研究人员称,该发现可以为超重或肥胖人士提供新的治疗方案。Professor Mirko Trajkovski of the University of Geneva said: #39;We provide compelling evidence that gut microbes play a key role in our ability to adapt to the environment by directly regulating our energy balance. We are excited about exploring the therapeutic potential of these findings and testing whether targeting some of these microbes could be a promising approach for preventing obesity and related metabolic conditions.#39;瑞士日内瓦大学米尔科·特拉伊科夫斯基教授说:“我们可以提供强有力的据明在我们的能力下,肠道微生物通过直接调控我们体内的能量平衡从而在适应环境上发挥着关键作用。我们对于能够探索这些发现的医疗潜力,并且测试这些微生物中的一些对于防止肥胖和相关的新陈代谢疾病是否是一个有前景的方法感到很兴奋。”While ordinary white fat- known as #39;bad#39; fat - piles on when we eat more calories than we burn, brown fat seems to burn excess calories to generate heat. We know babies have lots of brown fat — they need it to keep warm — but studies have shown there are small amounts in the necks of adults, too. Experts believe that certain activities could switch on this fat, potentially helping to burn calories at a greater rate. And studies have shown certain activities, such as sleeping in a cold, can trigger the formation of more brown fat in the body.当我们吃进去的卡路里比燃烧的卡路里多时,普通的白脂肪--也被称为”坏的“脂肪--就会堆积起来。褐色脂肪似乎可以燃烧多余的卡路里来产生热量。我们知道婴儿有很多的褐色脂肪--他们需要褐色脂肪来保暖---但是研究显示,在人类脖子上也存在着少量的褐色脂肪。专家相信某些活动可以启动这种脂肪,可能有助于以更大的速度燃烧卡路里。而这些研究已经显示某些活动,例如睡在寒冷的环境中,可以触发体内更多褐色细胞的形成。Gut microbes have also been implicated in obesity and obesity-related conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It is thought the composition of millions of bacteria in our intestines can effect how we metabolise different foods and, therefore, how much weight we gain. Researchers theorised the health benefits of being exposed to cold may be linked to gut bacteria.肠道微生物同样也与脂肪和脂肪相关疾病,例如二型糖尿病和心脏疾病有关。据认为,我们肠道内数百万细菌的组成可以影响我们代谢不同食物的方式,由此影响我们会增重多少。研究人员推断称暴露在寒冷中的健康益处可能与肠道细菌有关联。 /201512/415059A store that sells sugar-roasted chestnuts is facing a fine of 200,000 yuan (,500) after advertising its products as ;the best; in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.浙江杭州的一家糖炒栗子店因宣传自己为“杭州最优秀”,将面临20万元(约30500美金)的罚款。Law enforcement personnel said the store had violated the country#39;s Advertising Law and relevant regulations when it used ;the best; or ;the most; in its advertising.执法人员表示,该商铺号称“最优秀”,违反了国家广告法不得使用 “最高级”、“最佳”等用语的规定。Fang Linfu, boss of the Hangzhou Fanglinfu Sugar-Roasted Chestnut Store, said he was shocked when he received the fine on Jan 8. The ticket was written by the marketing supervision administration of the city#39;s Xihu district. Fang, 46, said he refused to accept it.杭州方林富糖炒板栗店的老板方林富说,1月8日当他收到这张由西湖区市场监督开出的罚款单时,感到很震惊。46岁的方老板表示,他拒绝接受处罚。Fang said he has been using ;the best products; in promotions and advertising for more than 15 years, and no one has questioned him or asked him to stop using such words in all that time.方老板说,他用“最好的产品”来促销和宣传,已经有15年的时间了,从没有人质疑过他,或是要求他停用这样的字眼。Fang said he used the words to promote his products because he thought they really were the best in the city. He has been roasting and selling sugar-roasted chestnuts for more than two decades and his products are well-known.他说,之所以用“最”这个字来宣传,是因为他觉得他的产品确实是杭州最好的。他已经炒栗子卖栗子20多年了,他的栗子远近闻名。When Fang refused to accept the fine, the marketing supervision administration agreed to hold a public hearing. ;But they didn#39;t tell me when the hearing will be held,; Fang said, adding that his business license would be revoked if he refused to pay the fine.因方老板拒绝接受罚款,市场监督管理部门同意举行公开听会。“但他们并没有告诉我何时举行听会。”方老板补充说。如果他拒不缴交罚款,那么他的营业执照将会被撤销。 /201601/4233875.David Foster Wallace at Kenyon, 20055.2005年,大卫·福斯特·华莱士于肯扬学院;There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship.;“所有事都值得崇拜。每个人都有自己的信仰,但我们可以自由选择信仰什么。”David Foster Wallace, author of ;Infinite Jest,; delivered a timeless commencement address at Kenyon College in 2005. With touches of the macabre, the speech rang true, if not for graduates on the cusp of shiny new lives, then certainly for their parents. ;There happen to be whole large parts of adult American life that nobody talks about in commencement speeches. Once such part involves boredom, routine and petty frustration,; Wallace said, describing a resentful stop at a crowded grocery store after work for illustration. While Wallace#39;s speech started as a downer, it ended on notes of transcendent grace, because he pointed out, you get to choose how you#39;ll respond to life#39;s frustrations and pettiness. ;The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day;. So provocative was Wallace#39;s address that it went viral. After Wallace#39;s suicide in 2008, a portion of his address became a short film and was published in its entirety as a book.大卫·福斯特·华莱士,是《无尽的玩笑》的作者,于2005年在肯扬学院的毕业典礼上发表了经典的演讲。这次演讲涉及“死亡”话题,可能对即将开启崭新生活的毕业生来说不够具有吸引力,但对他们父母来说可谓价值颇丰。华莱士说,“美国成年人的大部分真实生活,在一般的大学毕业典礼上都无人谈及,包括无聊的例行公事和极度沮丧挫折。”并用为工作忙了一天后,到拥挤的杂货店产生的不满来举例说明。华莱士的演讲指出,你得选择如何面对生活中的挫折和琐事。演讲开篇发人深省,结尾更是锦上添花。“真正重要的自由,是集专注、觉醒、自律及上进于一体,每天都会发自内心地去关心他人,在无数琐碎、无趣的事上,贡献自己的力量。”华莱士的演讲令人振奋,并被迅速传播。2008年,华莱士自杀后,他的部分演讲被改编成电影短片,演讲全文则被收入书籍出版发行。4.Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon, 20084.2008年,兰迪·波许于卡内基梅隆大学;It is not the things we do in life that we regret on our death bed. It is the things we do not. I#39;ve done a lot of really stupid things and none of them bother me.;“人们临终时后悔的不是已做过的事情,而是没做过的事情。我已经做了很多愚蠢的事情,但这并没有让我觉得遗憾。”The keynote speaker at Carnegie Mellon University#39;s 2008 commencement ceremony was former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, but Randy Pausch#39;s surprise address stole the show. Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor, had months earlier delivered ;The Last Lecture; after being diagnosed with a fast-moving pancreatic cancer. His memorable and moving message intended for his students went viral, sparked worldwide interest in his condition and later became a book. In Pausch#39;s commencement speech, which was based on ;The Last Lecture,; he spoke of his love for Carnegie Mellon. He delivered the address three months after doctors predicted he would be dead and detailed what he#39;d learned about living. In typically humorous fashion, he asked students to seek respect from their peers, to form loving relationships with the people they held most dear and to follow their passions. ;If there is anything I have learned in my life, you will not find that passion in things. And you will not find that passion in money.; Instead, he implored the audience to ground their passion in people. As he exited the podium, Pausch kissed his wife and carried her offstage to the sounds of a cheering crowd.2008年,美国前副总统阿尔·戈尔为卡内基梅隆大学的毕业典礼作了一场演讲,但被兰迪·波许那场令人拍手叫好的演讲抢尽了风头。波许是卡内基梅隆大学的教授,在确诊患有晚期胰腺癌的几个月后,做了 “最后一堂课”的演讲。这场令人难忘和生动的演讲被他的学生们广为传播,并激起了全世界对他的病情的关注,最后被编著成了一本书。这是一篇以 “最后一堂课”为基点的毕业演讲,波许讲述了他对卡内基梅隆大学深挚的爱。在医生预测他将离开人世的三个月后,他作了这篇演讲,并详细讲述了他从生活中学到的事物。他用一种独具一格的幽默方式,忠告学生们要在同龄人中找到尊重,跟最爱的人在一起并且要为自己所热爱的事物奋斗。“如果要说我从生活中学到的东西,那就是你不可能从物质、金钱中找到生活的。”相反,他建议他的学生们把热情在他人身上。走下讲台时,他亲吻了一下妻子并带着她走进了欢呼鼓掌的人潮中。3.Neil Gaiman at the University of the Arts, 20123.2012年,尼尔·盖曼于艺术大学;When things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.;“当你遇到困境时,这是你最应该做的:创作美妙的艺术。”Neil Gaiman, the U.K.-born author of ;Coraline; and ;American Gods; among other works of literature, didn#39;t go to college, let alone graduate from one. Instead, Gaiman, a self-described ;feral child who was raised in libraries,; engineered his own education as a writer. Gaiman cautioned graduates that life could -- and would -- go wrong, and therein lay the best experiences. ;A freelance life, a life in the arts, is sometimes like putting message in bottles, on a desert island, and hoping that someone will find one of your bottles and open it and it, and put something in a bottle that will wash its way back to you: appreciation, or a commission, or money, or love.; He also gave some very practical advice on staying employed: ;People keep working, in a freelance world ... because their work is good, and because they are easy to get along with, and because they deliver the work on time. And you don#39;t even need all three. Two out of three is fine;. Life, Gaiman noted, is about making good art, no matter the disappointments -- or successes -- along the way. It turns out his commencement address was good art, too. It was published in book form just one year later.尼尔·盖曼是一名作家,出生于英国,写了《鬼妈妈》、《美国众神》等文学作品。他没有上过大学,更别提从大学毕业了。但是,盖曼自称是“被图书馆养育的孩子”,接受了“以成为作家为目标”的自我教育。盖曼告诫学生们,生活中不如意事常八九,但其中会有弥足珍贵的体验。“从事自由职业、艺术工作,就犹如你投放在荒岛里的瓶中信,并希望终有人会发现你的瓶子,打开它、阅读它并放入某些你期待的响应:欣赏,委托,金钱,喜爱。”关于职场生涯,他也给出了很多建设性的建议:“人们能在自由的工作环境中保住工作………因为他们的作品是优秀的,他们性格随和并且他们及时投稿。但是你甚至不需要做到这三点,做到两点就够了。”盖曼说,生活无论成功与失败,都是关于美好艺术的创作。他觉得作毕业演讲也是一项美妙的艺术。一年后,这篇演讲被收入书籍出版发行。2.President Barack Obama at Morehouse, 20132.2013年,美国总统奥巴马于莫尔豪斯学院;My whole life, I#39;ve tried to be for Michelle and my girls what my father was not for my mother and me.;“我的一生都在为妻子米歇尔和女儿着想,而不是像我父亲待我母亲和我那样。”U.S. President Barack Obama had spoken at several commencements by the time he addressed the graduating class of Morehouse College in 2013. But this speech turned out to be his most personal – and controversial. Obama touched on the historic role the historically black Morehouse College has played in higher education, but also spoke of his personal failings and his struggles with race. ;Sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down,; he said. ;I had a tendency sometimes to make excuses for me not doing the right thing. But one of the things that all of you have learned over the last four years is there#39;s no longer any room for excuses;. Obama also lamented that his father had not been present when he was growing up. ;I want to break that cycle where a father is not at home -- where a father is not helping to raise that son or daughter. I want to be a better father, a better husband, a better man;. Afterward, some criticized the speech as condescending and ignoring the role of government in perpetuating policies that hindered African-Americans. But others applauded his ;no excuses; stance and for being a more vocal role model to young black men.美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马曾经在几个毕业典礼上发表过演讲,但他在莫尔豪斯学院2013级的毕业典礼上发表的才是其最具个人特色也是最具争议的演讲。奥巴马谈到,莫尔豪斯学院为黑人的高等教育发挥了历史性的作用,但同时他也提及自身为种族歧视所做的奋斗及失败的经历。“有时我会将我的失败一笔勾销,把它当做是这个世界试图打压黑人的又一个案例。”他说道,“有时我会倾向于为自己没有做正确的事而找借口,但在过去的四年中,你们所需要学到的一件事就是这里没有借口存活的任何余地。”奥巴马还为他的父亲在他成长过程中的缺席而感叹。“我要打破这种父亲在儿女成长过程中没有担当好其角色的做法,我想成为一个好父亲、好丈夫和好男人。”随后,一些人就其演讲进行了批评。他们认为奥巴马的演讲显得目中无人,忽视了政府在现存政策上对阻碍非洲裔美国人所起到的积极性作用。但也有一些赞同的声音,他们认为奥巴马“别找借口”的立场值得称赞,使其在年轻的黑人心中成为直言不讳的榜样。1.George Saunders at Syracuse University, 20131.2013年,美国作家乔治·桑德斯于雪城大学;Be kind.;“与人为善”。If you remember nothing else of George Saunders#39; commencement address at Syracuse University in 2013, odds are he#39;d want you to know those two words. ;What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness,; Saunders said. ;Those moments when another human being was there, in front of me, suffering, and I responded ... sensibly. Reservedly. Mildly.; Saunders is an English professor at Syracuse University and writer of short stories, including the collection ;The Tenth of December.; He can count his graduation speech-turned-book ;Congratulations, by the Way,; among his credits, too. The literary star said that each of us thinks we are the center of the universe and behaves accordingly. So the key to becoming less selfish was to ;err in the direction of kindness.; ;Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial. That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality -- your soul, if you will -- is as bright and shining as any that has ever been;.如果你对乔治·桑德斯)在2013年雪城大学毕业典礼上发表的演讲没有什么印象的话,那有可能是,他只想让你们记住“与人为善”这几个字。“我人生中最后悔的事便是没有对他人表达善意,”桑德斯说。“真希望当一个人在我面前表现出痛苦的那些时刻,我能够温和的、体贴的、含蓄的予以回应。”乔治·桑德斯是雪城大学的英语教授,同时也是短篇小说作家,著有作品集《十二月十日》。根据他的毕业演讲所集成的书《顺便祝贺你们》也可为其履历添上一笔。这位文学家说道,我们每个人都认为自己是宇宙的中心,为人处世都以自我为中心。因此“竭尽全力让自己变善良,犯错也在所难免”是让我们少一些自私自利的有效方法。“做那些顾全大局的事情,避免做纠结于细节的琐碎小事。真正凸显一个人光环的是灵魂而不是个性,如果你愿意,你可以比以往任何时刻都闪耀光。”审校:围巾 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201603/429739

CEO: My wife made a millionaire out of me.首席执行官:我妻子使我成了一个百万富翁。Assistant: What were you before?助手:以前你是什么?CEO: A multimillionaire.首席执行官:千万富翁。 /201511/409570

James Bond is a synchronic spy. From the day that the first Bond thriller, “Casino Royale,” was published in 1953, all the way through to this year’s forthcoming “Spectre” movie, Bond has always been thoroughly modern, with all the latest toys. In “Trigger Mortis: A James Bond Novel,” however, Bond ventures somewhere Ian Fleming, or the movie producer Albert Broccoli, would never go: back, into the past.詹姆斯·邦德是一个与历史完全同步的间谍。从1953年第一部邦德惊悚小说《皇家》(Casino Royale)穿开始,直至今年即将上映的《007:大破幽灵危机》(Spectre)电影,邦德一直都是那样现代,用的都是最先进的玩意儿。然而在《触发动机:007小说》(Trigger Mortis: A James Bond Novel)中,邦德的冒险旅途来到了小说家伊恩·弗莱明(Ian Fleming)或电影制片人艾伯特·布洛柯里(Albert Broccoli)都不曾去过的地方:向后,回到过去。“Trigger Mortis” is a sequel, of sorts, to 1959’s “Goldfinger,” which means that it too is set in the late 1950s. The author, Anthony Horowitz, commissioned by the Fleming estate to write a book “that could have come from Ian’s own typewriter,” says that he tried to write “the most authentic James Bond novel anyone could have written,” while also admitting that “trying to capture Fleming’s style was not easy.”《触发动机》在某种程度上是1959年的《金手指》(Goldfinger)的续集,也就是说,故事的背景发生在20世纪50年代末期。作者安东尼·霍洛维茨(Anthony Horowitz)受弗莱明遗产委员会授权,创作一本 “宛如出自伊恩本人的打字机”的小说。他说,他想写一个“任何人都有可能写出来的、最真实的007小说”,但也承认,“弗莱明的风格不是那么好学的。”In truth, the task is impossible. The Bond of “Goldfinger” isn’t only a sexist drunk who dismisses women by saying things like “There’s no point in being a suffragette about this”; he’s also an unapologetic racist who looks out from his hotel room at gardeners “picking up leaves with the lethargic slow motion of colored help” and sees Koreans as being “rather lower than apes in the mammalian hierarchy.”事实上,这根本就是个不可能完成的任务。《金手指》中的邦德是个大男子主义的酒鬼,他看不起女人,说过“这种事没必要让女人参与”之类的话;他还是个坚决的种族主义者,从酒店房间往外看的时候,说那些园丁“打扫落叶,皮肤带颜色的助手用懒洋洋的慢动作在旁边帮忙”;他说朝鲜人“在哺乳类动物的级别中比猿猴排位还低”。So although “Trigger Mortis” begins two weeks after the end of “Goldfinger,” its protagonist isn’t — could never be — the same Bond. The new Bond is friends with a gay man, chivalrously sleeps on the couch when a woman doesn’t want to have sex with him and even, at one point, drinks a bottle of water at lunch. What’s more, where before there were only Bond “girls,” now we find strong, independent Bond “women.” One of them shows little interest in him and goes off with a woman instead; another, Jeopardy Lane, is a bona fide action hero in her own right.所以,尽管《触发动机》的故事发生在《金手指》结束两个星期之后,但它的主角却并不是——永远也不可能再是——同一个邦德了。新的邦德和一个男同性恋成了好朋友;一个女人不愿意和他上床,他就颇有骑士风度地睡在沙发上;某次吃午饭的时候更是没有喝酒,只喝了一瓶水。此外,以前的邦女郎其实只是“邦女孩”,现在我们有了真正强悍、独立的“邦女人”。其中一个女人对他没什么兴趣,和另一个女人好上了;还有一个叫贾帕迪·雷恩(Jeopardy Lane)的姑娘凭她自己的本事,成了书中真正的动作英雄。Setting a new Bond novel in the past has other problems too. While it’s easy for thriller writers to get excited about today’s state-of-the-art gadgets, it’s much harder to realistically convey how a spy would have felt about the toys of 55 years ago. “Trigger Mortis” is clearly underpinned by a large amount of diligent research, but the recitation of the horsepower of a V-2 rocket, or the muzzle velocity of an M60 machine gun, feels somehow dutiful. And Horowitz’s research sometimes comes up puzzlingly short: Rail sheds were at no time illuminated by “neon lights hung on chains.” More glaringly, New Yorkers could have told him that there aren’t two stations between Jay Street and York Street on the F line.写一部发生在过去的全新007小说也带来另外一个问题。惊悚小说作家很容易对如今的先进技术小玩意感兴趣,但是要逼真地描写一个间谍如何使用55年前的工具,这就困难得多。《触发动机》建立在大量辛勤研究的基础之上,但是对V-2火箭马力、M60机初速度之类的描述,不免让人觉得照本宣科。霍洛维茨的研究有时莫名其妙地令人失望,比如火车站绝不会被“成串成串的霓虹灯”照亮。更加明显的是,纽约人都可以告诉他,F线上的杰伊街与约克街之间并没有两个车站。Still, the heart of any thriller is the plot, and here Horowitz doesn’t disappoint. The action moves with high velocity from Britain to Germany to the ed States and back to Britain, the odds are always in the bad guys’ favor, and the villain is a dastardly millionaire straight out of central casting. A mysterious mogul with a dark history and no regard for human life, he also has, naturally, a weakness for delaying the execution of spies by explaining to them, in detail, the cunning and despicable plot they were sent to discover. He should have killed Bond when he had the chance.不过,任何惊悚小说的核心都是情节,这方面霍洛维茨并未令人失望。故事高速运转,从英国来到德国,再到美国,然后又回到英国。坏人一直占据上风,反面人物是个懦弱的百万富翁,完全不怎么出场。他是个有黑暗历史的神秘大人物,根本不在乎人命,当然,他也有那种致命弱点——在处决间谍之前要先耽搁一下,把那些阴谋诡计的来龙去脉给对方详细解释清楚。要不他本来有机会杀掉邦德的。Horowitz also stays true to the Bond of Fleming’s books rather than the Bond of the movies. His hero is human, self-doubting, weak, in a way that is hard for a movie star to be in the context of a decades-long franchise and Monty Norman’s immortal James Bond theme. And while Horowitz’s loving pastiche lacks Fleming’s flashes of brilliance, it should be more than good enough for the fans. The only real question is why anybody felt the need for this book to be written in the first place. Much of the excitement of Bond comes from his contemporaneity. Instead of trying to rehabilitate the bigoted Bond of the 1950s, we should keep our dapper spy in the movies of the present, where he belongs.霍洛维茨更忠于弗莱明的邦德小说原著,而不是电影。他笔下的主角有人性、会自我怀疑,也有软弱的一面;对于几十年来的商业大片里的电影明星,乃至蒙蒂·诺尔曼(Monty Norman)不朽的詹姆斯·邦德主题电影配乐来说,要呈现这样的性格是很困难的。虽然霍洛维茨非常有爱的仿作缺乏弗莱明的灵感火花,但是对于粉丝来说也已经足够精。唯一真正的问题是,为什么一开始会有人觉得有必要写这样一本书呢?邦德真正的魅力很大程度上来自他的时代性。与其说致力于恢复50年代那个古板的邦德,我们还是应该把那个漂亮的间谍留在当今的电影里,他属于那里。 /201509/399841

If you#39;re bored with old-fashioned running, or if you feel that it#39;s not a complete workout, you might want to try crunning, a new fitness craze that#39;s taking Australia by storm. No, it does not mean crying while running, it#39;s actually a cross between crawling and running that involves getting down on all fours and moving as fast as you can.如果你对跑步这一老式的健身方法感到厌烦,或者你觉得这不是一个全面的健身方式,你可能会想尝试下“酷跑”(crunning)这个新花样,“酷跑”掀起了澳大利亚新的健身热潮。当然,“酷跑”并不像我们听起来那样边哭边跑。事实上,它结合了爬行和跑步的特点,要求你俯下身四肢着地,尽你可能地快速移动。The bizarre workout, best described as your thighs#39; worst nightmare, was invented by Australian fitness enthusiast Shaun McCarthy. We#39;re not sure what prompted him to come up with the bizarre activity, but he seems convinced that it will revolutionize fitness as we know it. ;The only thing that crunning#39;s changed about fitness… is that it#39;s changed everything about fitness,; he says.这个怪诞的健身方法简直是大腿的梦靥,其发明者是澳大利亚的健身爱好者肖恩·麦卡锡。我们尚不明确是何原因促使他想出这个奇怪的锻炼方式,但麦卡锡似乎坚信“酷跑”将为健身运动带来革命,正如我们知道的那样。“#39;酷跑#39;为健身带来的唯一改变就是它改变了健身的一切,”麦卡锡说道。The short of him crunning through Melbourne that he posted on Facebook makes the activity look more like a spoof than a serious workout, but it seems to have inspired others to take up running on all fours as well. McCarthy only went public with crunning five weeks, but it has been getting quite a lot of attention online and he claims there is now a steadily-growing movement in Australia.“麦卡锡在脸谱上上传了他以“酷跑”方式穿行整个墨尔本的视频,但视频让人觉得更像是恶搞而不是健身,不过还是吸引了一些人跟风,采取他的办法锻炼。麦卡锡以“酷跑”走红才五个星期,但在网上已经得到了一定的关注,据麦卡锡表示,目前澳大利亚用“酷跑”健身的人数正在逐渐增加。But is crunning a better fitness activity than jogging or running? It would appear so, as McCarthy has been saying in interviews that crunning is a more complete workout because it includes the upper body as well. “It really works your thighs and shoulders at the same time,” he said, adding that he believes it burns more calories as well.但是,“酷跑”真的比慢跑或者长跑更适合健身吗?麦卡锡在采访中表示,时间会明“酷跑”是一个更加全面的健身方式,理由是“酷跑”也锻炼了身体的上半部分。“#39;酷跑#39;同时活动了你的大腿和肩膀”,他说,之后又说他相信“酷跑”能够燃烧更多的卡路里。Some fitness experts believe that McCarthy might just be onto something there. According to Kim Baylor, a certified personal trainer, “any exercise that involves full body motions leaves the chance to develop a lot of strength.”一些健身专家认为麦卡锡的做法有些道理。持有教练资格的私教金姆·贝洛尔称,“任何囊括全身的运动都有可能消耗巨大的能量。”However, others think it#39;s just a fad and might even be harmful if done incorrectly. “Physiologically, humans weren#39;t built for quadruped mobility like apes,” fitness coach Kevin Dean told Gothamist.“Because we#39;re bipedal/upright, our wrists have different structures than our ankles (whereas a quadruped animal would have four of roughly the same joint). Outside of learning something new, I can see broken noses, bad wrist/repetitive injuries, and shoulder problems (arising from crunning).”“在生理方面,人类并没有获得像人猿那样四足移动的能力”,健身教练凯文·迪恩告诉外媒Gothamist的记者。“因为我们是直立行走,手腕的构造不同于脚踝(而四足动物在它们脚上有四个几乎一样的关节)。我看到有些人学习新方法时,鼻子受伤,手腕受伤,并且会反复弄伤自身,肩膀也会出现问题(“酷跑”导致了这些问题)。”McCarthy suggests wearing protective gloves to avoid damage to your hands while crunning, and taking things slow. “Do not outcrun yourself – it could be bad for your neck or back,” he said. Or, you could just stick to traditional running.麦卡锡建议在“酷跑”时戴好保护性手套以避免受伤,并且要放缓速度。“不要过度追求#39;酷跑#39;——它可能会对你的脖子和背部造成伤害,”他说道。或者,你只要坚持传统的跑步方式就好了。 /201511/411862

Do you ever think that it#39;s kinda crazy that we can order pizza from our cellphones and yet no one can figure out how to stop (or at least slow) the inevitable march towards death? Well, you#39;re not alone.你是否想过,人类已经发展到可以用手机订披萨的程度,为什么却无法阻止(或减慢)自身走向死亡的步伐?好吧,并不是只有你一个人这么想过。Science has been trying to figure out this whole aging thing for a long time now, and a new development just could be one of those watershed moments in history.长久以来,科学界一直在试图解开人类衰老的谜团。而一项最新的研究成果或有望成为改变历史的分水岭之一。According to the New Zealand Herald, a new anti-aging drug is going to be tested on human subjects starting next year. The potential result of this could mean that we, human beings, could extend our life spans to 120 years of age and be in good health to the very end.据《新西兰先锋报》报道,一种新型抗衰老药物将于明年开始在人体上进行试验。可能的结果是,我们人类的寿命因此延长至120年,而且在寿终正寝前一直保持健康。The drug in question is a widely used diabetes pill called Metformin and costs mere cents to make. Metformin helps to increase oxygen flow on the cellular level, thereby slowing the necessary cell divisions that keep our bodies both functioning correctly but ultimately lead to aging.这种药物名为“甲福明”,是一种被广泛使用的抗糖尿病药,制造成本不过几分钱。甲福明能促进氧在细胞内的循环流动,进而降低细胞分裂的速度——细胞分裂在保我们身体正常运转的同时,也是导致我们衰老的罪魁祸首。Belgian researchers have tested the drug on roundworms, and have had positive results so the next step is to do a human trial.比利时研究者已将该药物在蛔虫身上进行了试验,取得了积极的效果,下一步就是人体试验。;I have been doing research into aging for 25 years and the idea that we would be talking about a clinical trial in humans for an anti-aging drug would have been thought inconceivable,; says aging expert Professor Gordon Lithgow.研究衰老的专家戈登·利思戈教授说:“我研究衰老25年了。我们将要在人体上进行的抗衰老药临床试验,此前一直被认为是不可想象的。”;But there is every reason to believe it#39;s possible. The future is taking the biology that we#39;ve now developed and applying it to humans.;“但我们现在有理由相信这种试验是可行的。未来方向是把我们研发出来的各种生物机理应用于人体。”Let#39;s just hope that cosmetic surgery can keep apace of these new developments.但愿我们的整容术能跟得上这些最新的科学发展。 /201512/414043

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