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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these scientists is known for the discovery that germs cause disease? If you think you know it, shout it out! 以下哪位科学家以发现微生物致病而出名?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Banneker or Ivan Pavlov? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是玛丽·居里、路易·巴斯德、本杰明·班尼克还是巴甫洛夫?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!It was Louis Pasteur who found the link between germs and disease in the 1860s. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;在十九世纪六十年代发现微生物与疾病之间关系的是路易·巴斯德。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Pasteur#39;s germ theory of fermentation goes a little deeper than the five second rule, but some researchers in Britain say that rule is not entirely an urban myth. 巴斯德微生物发酵理论比五秒原则要更深刻一些,但一些英国研究者说这个规则并不是一个城市神话。Here#39;s what they did: they dropped food on the floor for different amounts of time. 这是他们所做的:他们把食物掉在地上不同的时长。And then picked it up to see how much bacteria was on it. 然后把食物从地上捡起来看看上面有多少细菌。They found that time does factor in that food that set for a few seconds on the floor was likely to have less bacteria on it than food that set for longer. 他们发现时间确实会有所影响,掉在地上几秒钟的食物比掉在地上时间更长的食物上的细菌要少。In their study, the type of floor mattered. 在他们的研究中,那种地面也有关。Carpeted floors were least likely to transfer bacteria. 有地毯的地面传播细菌的可能性最小。Laminate or tiled floors were most likely.强化木地板或者此装地板的可能性最大。 /201403/281965广告意义:光阴碾走,曾经的个性分明到如今的温文尔雅,每个人在生活和家庭的责任面前,在岁月无声的流逝中,时间悄悄抚平了我们的棱角,然而,这不代表你已经不是你了,只要蓬勃的心仍在,一切都未晚!广告双语文本内容:In life, we have choices. We can choose to grow up but not old; choose to raise our families and still follow our dreams.在生活中,我们有选择。我们可以选择成长而不是变老;选择养家而仍然追寻我们的梦想。At INFINITI, we choose to inspire在INFINITI,我们选择启发灵感,by engineering the world#39;s first back-up collusion intervention system that can sense what#39;s coming even when you can#39;t, and apply the breaks even before you do,借助由建造出世界第一个倒车防撞系统,能够在你甚至还看不到时便侦测到接近的东西,并且甚至先你一步踩下刹车,by designing a family vehicle that doesn#39;t sacrifice your individuality,借由设计出一辆不牺牲你个人特色的家庭车款,and by creating a bold new expression of seven-passenger luxury, featuring class leading third roll access.以及借由创造出对七人座豪华车款全新大胆的诠释,配有领先同级的第三排出入口。Introduce the all new INFINITI JX Luxury Crossover.在此介绍全新INFINITI JX豪华跨界休旅车。INFINITI Inspired Performance.INFINITI 激发灵感的性能演出。 Article/201408/323304Google Child Abuse Image Block #39;Not Enough#39; Critics say the move to block tens of thousands of search terms that show depraved images and s ;simply masks the symptoms;.Naturally Downing Street officials are portraying this is a victory for David Cameron. The internet companies had seen reluctant to take actions to censor the content, but pressure from PMs has brought together two huge rivals: Google and Microsoft in their rare display unity.Well, if you build a wall, someone is gonna try and get over under or around. It#39;s important we collaborate on such important issue. We do take a lot effort to remove and report this content, but we do accept that there is more we can done. We are very happy to do that.But immediately people are searching for evidence that would make any real difference.Halting predicative text on searches might stop innocent being inadvertently let stray, so might warnings about your illegal behavior. But experts in child protection say it would not block determined pedofiles.This is the beginning and not the end, and it#39;s a small step forward not huge one when it comes to actual child protection. What we need to see now is Prime Minister#39;s focus influence being used to help us to catch the predators.Google says they have 200 staff developing new technology to identify and block child pornography, the rival Microsoft has aly develop the ability to recognize illegal photographs and track them when they are copied and distributed. Now Google says they#39;ve been able to do the same with .The program allows analysts to break out every to calculate unique digital signature. That signature is then matched again other version on line even if they#39;ve been edited and altered. Once they#39;ve been identified, all copies are then deleted from the Internet.Steward Hazzles scoured the web for underage pornography before murdering Tiya Sharp.But most images shared by pedofiles are down someone close networks beyond the capacity of internet searching engines. That requires globe police action.You can go after these pedofile to pedofile sharing, you can take down the size, you can prosecute these people, I want to see , you know, people being prosecuted for these violent crime. We are putting resources into the police into international crime agency ,working in all steps with Americans to make sure we go after these people.Campaigners, like Sara Paine whose daughter Sara was killed by a sex offender, say there is only one way to really tackle the problem.Mr. Cameron, please just fund police properly , so they can do this and get better of this.And be a force three reckoned with, so pedofiles do not hurt us anymore.While warning can easily be ignored, tracking online predators to their homes is real challenge. /201311/265948

对母亲来说,最感伤的一天莫过于看到自己的儿子喜欢上了另一个女人。大洋彼岸,新年之后,Old Spice迅速带着“Mom Song”回归,演绎的正是这样一位——悲恸欲绝的母亲。以下是双语文本:广告介绍:Old Spice是宝洁旗下美国男性护理品牌。广告中一位母亲用悲痛的声音唱出自己的愤怒。在这首歌中,被妈妈们指责的正是Old Spice最新推出的两款香型喷雾——Bearglove和Lionpride,光它们的名字就散发出一种浓烈的雄性荷尔蒙的味道。这两种新型喷雾专门针对青少年市场。Old Spice的概念是,它能令你瞬间变成一个男人,女士们从此将以欣赏男人的眼光看你,而你那可怜的老妈只能独自哭泣。对正处于叛逆期的青少年群体而言,这个概念可谓十分动人。广告歌词:Mother: Oh, I didn’t see it coming, but it came in a can. Now my sweet son’s been sprayed into a man.唉,我从没想到有一天它会真的发生。就在那一刻,我的甜心小宝贝被喷成了一个男人。Mother: Mine too and hey we know just who to blame.我的也是并且嘿,我们知道该怪谁。When our sons have fun with women and misbehave.当我的儿子开始和女人鬼混。Mother: Old Spice (Psshh Psshh) sprayed a man out of my son.是它!Old Spice!它把我的儿子喷成了男人Now he’s kissing all the women and he’s chores aren’t done.现在他不出去打零工了,他只想着亲吻其他的女人。He was just my little sweety, tiny fingers, hands and feeties and now he’s touching, kissing, feeling all the women because --他曾经是我的小可爱,那小手指,那小手,那小脚丫…现在他在用它们抚摸其他的女人,这全都怪——Old Spice (New Spice)Old Spice!(新香型)Mother: Create a man out of my son, now he smells like a man and they treat him like one.它把我的儿子喷成了男人,现在他闻起来像个男人而别人也如此看他…唉… Article/201406/306781

Bruce Lee was just a symbol of everything that every little boy wanted to be.李小龙是每个小男孩心中的榜样,梦想成为的人。You have offended my family and you have...Disgraced the Shaolin temple.The most important thing he#39;s ever done and accomplished is bringing people together.你伤害了我的家庭...让少林寺蒙羞,他做到的最重要的事是把人们团聚在一起。Bruce brought... he brought cultures together.布鲁斯融汇各种文化People remember him for being powerful beyond measure,you know, for being limitless,for standing for things when people crucified him.人们铭记他是因为不可估量的强大,因为他的无穷潜能,因为他在遭受非议时还能坚持自我。It didn#39;t matter what colour you are,what country you came from,you were a Bruce Lee fan.无论你是什么肤色,来自哪个国家,你都可以是李小龙迷。He#39;s the man. He#39;s the truth.And it was amazing how he connected so many people.Not just martial arts,but people from all walks of life.他是真男人,他是真理,不可思议的是他连接起了这么多的人。不只是武术领域,还有其他领域的人。If Bruce was here today, he#39;d be on Dancing with the Stars and he#39;d win it. Hands down.如果布鲁斯还活着,他可以上《与星共舞》,他会赢,小菜一碟。Doggone it, such is the basic need of a human being,I might as well enjoy it before I kick the bucket,like that type of an attitude.该死的,这是人类的基本需要,我死之前一定也要尝试下,就是这样的一种态度。We remember Bruce Lee today because he was so much fun to watch.He was like a mythological hero.我们至今还记得李小龙,是因为他带给我们太多看点,他就像神话英雄。My strength flowed through Bruce to me so...He left me with that gift.布鲁斯带给我了坚强,这是他留给我的礼物。The idea is running water never grows stale,so you gotta just keep on flowing.俗话说,流水不腐,所以你需要不断注入新的东西。 Article/201312/270768

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