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When it comes to friends, there's bound to be a few bad apples in the bunch. For whatever reason -- maybe they're overly critical, perpetually depressed or just plain annoying -- you can't stand to be around them. Yet rather than keeping them in your life, consider giving them the heave-ho or you could suffer. 提到朋友,在那么一大堆人里必定有几个害群之马。不管是出于什么原因,可能他们过于吹毛求疵、始终沮丧或纯粹只是讨厌,你无法忍受呆在他们身边。然而,你可以考虑与他们绝交或者你可以承受,也胜过继续与之交往。"Keeping toxic people around could take away time and energy from positive friends, damage your self-esteem or put you in harm's way," says Jan Yager, Ph.D., sociologist and author of When Friendship Hurts. Here, she deconstructs a dozen so-called friends you may want to break up with. “让损友留在身边,会耗损益友的时间和精力,伤害你的自尊或者害了你自己”,社会学家《当朋友让你伤害》的作者詹.耶格士说。这里,她了十二种你可能想要与之绝交的所谓的朋友。The Faultfinder 吹毛求疵的人You know these people: They're always critical of everything you do and say, which can be contagious. If this friend has redeeming traits, ignore the overly critical comments or make a joke by saying something like, "Let's see if you can last an hour without saying anything negative." However, if you're unable to distance yourself or your self-esteem is hurting too much, step away from the relationship.你认识这种人:他们对你所做和所说的每件事情都一直挑刺,这种行为有时候会感染他人(情绪)。如果这个朋友也有一些可以弥补缺点的优点,那你就不要把他过度挑剔的意见放在心上,或者开个这样玩笑,如:“让我们看看如果你不发表任何批判意见,是不是能坚持一个小时”。可是,如果你抛不开这些,或者自尊受到太大伤害,那么就应远离这种关系。The Therapist 心理诊疗师Too much advice is never good, especially from a supposed friend. If you're keeping this person around because of the other wonderful traits she possesses, tell your friend you don't want advice unless you ask. Or thank the person without discussing her comments. Another solution? Start analyzing her and she may realize how annoying that can be.忠告太多就不是什么好事,尤其是当这些忠告出于一个你所认为的朋友。如果你继续和她交往是因为她还具有其他很好的特质,那么,告诉你的朋友,除非是你主动要求否则你不需要别人的建议。或者绝口不提她给的建议,而只是谢谢她。另外的解决办法?开始分析她的性格,这样有可能她会意识到老给别人建议会有多烦人。 /201102/1259171. Never Get Obsessed with your Appearance. 绝不要为自己的外貌而烦恼。We think you look great (though some of the outfits you wear worry us!). Please be happy with the person you are and the body you have. Eat sensibly, take exercise and be healthy. Some girls become obsessed with losing weight or getting the perfect shape. You look fine.我们认为你长得很美(尽管你穿的某些时装令我们担忧!)。你就是你,不要为自己的外貌烦恼。要合理膳食,多做运动,保持健康。有些女孩子为减肥或塑造完美的身材而烦恼。但你已经很好了。 /200907/78431

一项研究表明,为身材所困的年轻女性看到杂志广告上的超级模特或是有着“魔鬼”身材的女性,会食量大增;有意思的是,身材匀称的女性看到这样的广告后反而会吃得更少。 a picture of Jiang QinqinStudy: Magazine ads of thin models make women overeatResearch now shows a supermodel figure or the "ideal" thin woman image reflected in magazine advertisements trigger young women, obsessed with their own body image, to eat more. Interestingly, those with a more balanced healthy body image tend to eat less. The study done in Australia is important in bringing out the point that advertising not only affects the way we think but also our patterns of eating behavior. Fiona Monro, graduate student at the University of New South Wales, explains the results of the study published in the November edition of the journal, Eating Behaviors: "We would expect people who value the way they look would be reminded by viewing the image and not eat." "We're not sure why we found the reverse but possibly because of stress...[women obsessed with their appearance] see the idealized image and think about their own body so turn to food," she adds. Monro says, "They might think 'what's the point, I'm never going to look like that, I may as well eat; or the image makes them think they're thinner than they are so they eat more." Sixty-eight female university students took part in the study: two hours after their last meal, they were asked to prioritize the importance of physical attractiveness, health and physical fitness to find out whether they give importance to the way their body looks. Monro and her team were studying the phenomenon of "self-objectification," or the way people perceive themselves and their bodies as an object to be valued for outward show as opposed to intrinsic worth. (AHN) /200903/65394Self-treatments using baking soda, ash and hydrogen peroxide provided online with no dental experience, can strip tooth enamel and cause lasting damage to the gums, experts cautioned.   专家提醒,网上流传的用苏打粉、灰末和过氧化氢进行牙齿美白的方法,若没有牙医的指导,会损伤牙釉质,给牙齿带来永久的伤害。  The techniques are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to expensive professional treatment, especially among teenage girls.  目前这些美白方法广受欢迎,尤其是受到少女们的追捧,并逐渐取代了昂贵的专业美白治疗。 But dentists said some of the methods can erode the enamel covering of the teeth, making them appear darker rather than whiter.  但牙医提醒说,有些方法可能会损伤覆盖在牙齿上的牙釉质,反而让牙齿显得更黑。  Up to 100,000 people undergo some type of teeth whitening treatment each year, ten times more than did so five years ago.  近年来,每年进行牙齿美白的人数已经达到10万人,是五年前的十倍。  But for many people the process is prohibitively expensive, costing up to £1,300($2,096) for laser treatment and as much as £700($1,128) for professional bleaching.  但是对于很多人来说,进行专业牙齿美白的费用太过高昂。激光美白的费用是1300英镑(约2096美元),专业牙齿漂白至少需要700英镑(约1128美元)。Professor Andrew Eder, clinical director of the London Tooth Whitening Centre, said using baking soda repeatedly would strip the teeth of enamel, leaving them browner and more sensitive, while salt would scratch the enamel and any use of acid was especially damaging.  伦敦牙齿美白中心临床主任安德鲁 埃德尔教授表示,反复使用小苏打会损害牙釉质,牙齿会变得越发暗沉、敏感;用盐可能会刮伤牙釉质;而使用任何盐酸美白牙齿带来的伤害则更大。 /201011/117712

Seemingly harmless habits can affect what size you'll be five or 10 years from now. Peek into your future with our quiz. Then use this cheat sheet to target the most effective ways to make a difference. Want to see how you’re doing? 一些看似无害的习惯可能会影响到你未来5年到10年的体形。如果想为你的未来好好打算,那就来看看我的小窍门。有效运用这些窍门能够使你的未来有所不同。想知道现在的生活习惯对自己有什么影响吗?  Improve your eating 改善饮食习惯  Write off weight.  To lower BMI, keep a food journal. Jotting down all bites is the top predictor of weight loss.  饮食记录  如果想有效地减轻体重,那就做一下饮食记录。把你吃的每一口东西都记下来,然后计算自己的体重是不是会增加。 /201108/1502891. Leave the past in the past过去的就过去了When you meet someone new, leave any negative feelings or past heartbreaks just where they should be;in the past.当你遇见新的合适的对象,让以往所有的消极情绪或伤心事都留在过去。2. You won#39;t meet someone new in your living room宅在家里你遇不到新对象Well, maybe a cute guy will deliver your new sofa, but chances are you#39;re going to meet someone by getting out there and trying new things;online dating, taking a class, etc. Tell everyone, especially your married friends, that you#39;re looking to meet someone and ALWAYS go to parties. Because you truly never know who you#39;ll meet.好吧,也许会有个帅小伙把你订的沙发送货上门,但更实在的是你要走出门口去相遇,并尝试一些新鲜的玩意儿--网络交友、参加学习班等等。告诉别人,尤其你那群已婚的朋友,你在找对象,你也总会参加聚会。因为你真的不知道你会不会遇见那个TA。3. Give the guy a chance给他一个机会When you were 20 your list was ;he must be tall, dark and handsome.; Try going against type. It just might be a perfect fit.当你20岁时,你的理想要求是;他必须要高,黝黑的肤色,还要帅。; 抛开这些标准再试试。也许他会成为你的完美另一半。4. Look at blind dates like a first date把相亲当初次约会看待Many women met their husbands on blind dates, and you can too! If you#39;re not sure you want to sit in a noisy restaurant, go out and do something fun. One of my friends went to a baseball game, and she and her date each brought a friend. They had a blast and got married one year later.很多女性都是通过相亲遇到他们现在的丈夫的,你也可以!如果你不太想坐在嘈杂的饭馆里,那就去外面,玩一些有趣的。我有个朋友是在一次棒球比赛相亲的,她和她的约会对象各自带了一个朋友去。他们玩得很开心。一年后,他们结婚了。5. Time is on your side慢慢来Take your time in getting to know your guy and don#39;t feel in a rush to meet his children or have him meet yours. It starts with the two of you. Make sure this is someone you want in your life.花点时间去了解你的对象,不要急匆匆地去看他的孩子或是让他见你的孩子。一切从你们倆开始。确保这个男人是你生命中要找到的那个人。6. Someone to come home to有人在等你回家When you#39;re y to move in together you will discover how wonderful it is to come home to the one you love. Be prepared for some give and take;for example, over which of each others#39; belongings stay or go.当你准备好搬到一起住时,你会发现回到一个有爱人在的家是多么的美好!为互相迁就做好准备吧--比如,双方所有物的去留。7. Your wedding, your way你的婚礼,按你的方式来Now you#39;re in love and it#39;s time to have your wedding exactly how you want it. Remember it is all about you and the man of your dreams. Whatever you want is the way to go.现在你正处于热恋,是时候按你想的方式举办婚礼了。记住,你和你梦中情人就是一切,只管去做你想要的。8. Happily ever after can happen to you从此以后幸福常伴你左右It#39;s never too late to find true love. We did, and you can too!真爱永远都不嫌迟。我们做到了,你也可以! /201201/168656At a dinner party a shy young man had been trying to think of something nice to say to his hostess.在一次晚餐聚会上,一位腼腆的年轻人一直在冥思苦想对女主人说一些好听的话。At last he saw his chance when she turned to him and remarked, ;What a small appetite you have tonight, Mr. Jones.;机会终于来了,女主人转向他说:“琼斯先生,您今晚的饭量太小了。”;To sit next to you,; he replied gallantly, ;would cause any man to lose his appetite.;“坐在您身边,”他殷勤的说道,“任何男人都会失去胃口的。” /201206/185621

If you catch yourself working hard and loving every minute of it, don’t stop. You’re on to something big. Because hard work ain’t hard when you concentrate on your passions. 如果你努力工作,并且热爱它的每分钟,就不要停下来。富有的工作让你感觉不到困难。 /201106/139687《礼记·曲礼上》说:“入境而问禁,入国而问俗,入门而问讳”。随着国际交往的频繁和普遍,这就要求商务人士了解并得体运用国际商务礼仪,才能友好、真诚地进行交流、沟通和合作。 一、不同文化的七项对比 我国和西方国家商务交往最多。由于文化背景的不同,导致在具体礼仪上有很多截然不同的地方。具体来说有七个方面,必须首先有所了解。1、对待赞美 我们和西方人在对待赞美的态度上大不相同。别人赞美的时候,尽管内心十分喜悦,但表面上总是表现得不敢苟同,对别人的赞美予以礼貌的否定,以示谦虚:“还不行!”、“马马虎虎吧!”、“那能与你相比啊!”、“过奖了!”等。 而西方人对待赞美的态度可谓是“喜形于色”,总是用“Thank you”来应对别人的赞美。2、待客和做客 我们和人相处的时候,总是习惯从自己的角度去为别人着想。这表现在待客和做客上,尽责的客人总是尽量不去麻烦主人,不让主人破费,因而对于主人的招待总是要礼貌地加以谢绝。比如,主人问客人想喝点什么,客人一般会说“我不渴”或“不用麻烦了”;主人在餐桌上为客人斟酒,客人总要加以推辞,说“够了,够了”,而事实上,客人并不一定是不想喝,往往只是客气而已。所以,称职的主人不会直接问客人想要什么,而是主动揣客人的需求,并积极地给予满足。在餐桌上,殷勤好客的主人总是不停地给客人劝酒劝菜。所以,中国人的待客和做客场面往往气氛热烈:一方不停地劝,另一方则不停地推辞。 而外国人特别是西方人,无论是主人还是客人,大家都非常直率,无需客套。当客人上门了,主人会直截了当地问对方“想喝点什么”;如果客人想喝点什么,可以直接反问对方“你有什么饮料”,并选择一种自己喜欢的饮料;如果客人确实不想喝,客人会说“谢谢!我不想喝”。在餐桌上,主人会问客人还要不要再来点,如果客人说够了,主人一般不会再向客人劝吃请喝。 3、谦虚和自我肯定 我们一直视谦虚为美德。不论是对于自己的能力还是成绩,总是喜欢自谦。如果不这样可能会被指责为“不谦虚”、“狂妄自大”。比如,中国学者在作演讲前,通常会说:“我学问不深,准备也不充分,请各位多指教”;在宴会上,好客的主人面对满桌子的菜却说:“没有什么菜,请随便吃”;当上司委以重任,通常会谦虚地说:“我恐怕难以胜任。” 而外国人特别是西方人没有自谦的习惯。他们认为,一个人要得到别人的承认,首先必须自我肯定。所以,他们对于自己的能力和成绩总是实事求是地加以评价。宴请的时候,主人会详尽地向客人介绍所点菜的特色,并希望客人喜欢;而被上司委以重任的时候,他们会感谢上司,并表示自己肯定能干好。 4、劝告和建议 无论是中国人,还是西方人,都喜欢向自己的亲朋好友提一些友好的建议和劝告,以示关心和爱护。但中西方人在提劝告和建议的方式上却有很大区别。 中国人向朋友提建议和劝告的时候,往往都非常直接,常用“应该”、“不应该”,“要”、“不要”这些带有命令口气的词。比如,“天气很冷,要多穿点衣,别感冒了!”、“路上很滑,走路要小心!”、“你要多注意身体!”、“你该刮胡子了!”、“你该去上班了!”等。西方人在向亲朋好友提劝告和建议的时候,措词非常婉转,比如,“今天天气很冷,我要是你的话,我会加件毛衣”、“你最好还是把胡子刮了吧。”一般来说,双方关系越接近,说话的语气越直接。但即使是最亲密的人之间,也不会使用像我们那样的命令语气。否则,会被认为不够尊重自己独立的人格。5、个人隐私权 西方人非常注重个人隐私权。在日常交谈中,大家一般不会涉及对方的“私人问题”。这些私人问题包括:年龄、婚姻状况、收入、工作、住所、经历、宗教信仰、选举等。同时,人们还特别注重个人的私人生活空间。别人房间里的壁橱、桌子、抽屉,以及桌子上的信件、文件和其他文稿都不应随便乱动、乱翻(如果需要借用别人物品,必须得到对方的许可)。假如别人在阅读或写作,也不能从背后去看对方阅读和写作的内容,即使对方只是在阅读报纸或杂志。  空间距离上也很在意。即使在公共场所,大家都十分自觉地为对方留出一定私人空间。比如,排队的时候他们总是习惯和别人保持1米以上的距离。 我们的个人隐私观念比较淡薄。特别是在亲朋好友之间,大家喜欢不分你我,共同分享对方的私人生活。另外,长者往往可以随意问及晚辈的私人生活,以显示关心。6、时间安排 西方人大多时间观念很强,日程安排很紧凑。如果要拜会或是宴请西方人,一定要提前预约,预约时间通常在一周以上。如果你没有预约而突然拜访或是临时约请对方,对方一般会拒绝你。而且,对于工作时间和个人时间有严格的区分。如果是工作交往,应选择在对方的工作时间里进行;如果是私人交往,就要选择在对方下班的时间里进行。 另外,时间上,忌讳日期13和星期五。特别既是13号又是星期五的日子,往往不安排任何外出事宜。 而我们很多人的时间观念不是太强。没有预约的突然造访和临时约请都相当普遍,即使提前预约也往往在一周以内。 24家教另外,职业人在时间分配上往往公私不分,下班以后谈公事或是上班时间谈私事都是寻常之事。 7、礼尚往来 西方人(除拉美人)不是很重视礼尚往来,尽管他们也常常在节日、生日和拜访时向亲朋好友赠送礼物。他们一般不看重礼品的价值(因而喜欢赠送一些小礼物),认为向朋友赠送礼物不是为了满足朋友的某种需求,而只是为了表达感情。而中国人大多比较看重礼品的价值,礼品的价值一定程度上代表了送礼人的情意。 另外,在送礼的方式上,东西方也存在明显的差异。西方人在收到礼物的时候,一般要当着送礼人的面打开礼物包装,并对礼物表示赞赏。如果不当面打开礼物包装,送礼人会以为对方不喜欢他(她)送的礼物。 而我们大多不会当着送礼人的面打开礼物包装,除非送礼人要求对方这么做。这么做的目的是为了表示自己看重的是相互间的情谊,而不是物质利益,如果当着送礼人的面打开礼物包装,就有重利轻义的嫌疑。

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