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济南/洗纹身多少钱济南/机车医院打溶脂针多少钱山东省荣军总医院治疗腋臭多少钱 Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:Ive been dating ;Josh; for just over a month. We were instant friends and started off our romance slowly. He lives two hours away and sees me on weekends.我和 ;乔希; 约会才一个多月。我们很快就确立了朋友关系,并慢慢开始了属于我们的浪漫。他住的地方离我有两小时的路程,会在周末来看我。This past weekend, Josh told me he is falling in love and wants me to move in with him. Heres the problem. Last night, he said that although he loves me, he is so accustomed to being single that he isnt sure hell be able to refuse if a woman tempts him.上个周末,乔希告诉我,他坠入爱河了,并要我和他一起住。问题就在这儿。昨晚他对我说,虽然他爱我,但他已经习惯了单身生活,因此,当有人勾引他时,他没法确定是否禁受得住诱惑。I was devastated. I told him everyone has to fight temptation, but he has to think Im worth it. I dont want to stay with a man who says he loves me, but could be with someone else whenever he gets the urge. Should I walk away before I am so far in that I cant leave? Im hurt, mad and surprised all at the same time. - Not Whimsical in Alabama我感到震惊。我告诉他,每个人都必须抵制诱惑,但他却认为我不值得他为我抵制诱惑。我不想和一个声称爱我但又可能随时和别的女人好上的人在一起。我是否应该在无法自拔之前离开他?一时之间,我感到了伤害、歇斯底里和震惊。 ;; 阿拉巴马州的乖乖女Dear Alabama:亲爱的阿拉巴马州人Josh is telling you in advance that hes going to cheat and he thinks hes giving you a plausible excuse to accept it. Tell him its been fun, but you need a more stable, committed relationship than what he is offering. And, by the way, moving in after a month of dating is not ;taking it slowly.; Its racing at light speed.乔希是在提前告诉你,他会欺骗你。他认为他给了你一个接受它的貌似合理的借口。告诉他,这很滑稽,你需要一种更稳定、更忠诚的关系。顺便说一句,约会才一个月就要同居可不是;慢慢;啊。那可是光速啊。201203/175534山东红十字会医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

山东省瑞丽医院美容整怎么样济南/祛斑哪家医院好 As Irene travelled north to the Canadian border, she continued to inflict damage, leaving destruction in her wake. Heavy rains falling on aly sodden ground, led to widesp flooding and damage in the northeast. It will be a long time before these communities return to normal life.飓风艾琳北上越过加拿大边境时,灾难仍在持续。飓风扫过,满目疮痍。暴雨倾泻在满是积水的地上,在东海岸造成大面积洪灾。让这些社区恢复到原样还需很长时间。;Around the State, there has been very significant damage. I understand that more than 260 roads are closed. There are numerous bridges that have been knocked out. Theres one confirmed fatality and theres a search going on for four people in the southern part of the State.;“肆掠的飓风已经造成了重大灾害。目前了解到,有超过260条公路被迫关闭,大量桥梁轰然倒塌。确认已造成1人死亡,4人失踪,目前搜救队仍在西部地区紧张寻找失踪人口下落。”Up and down Americas east coast, people assess the damage. Irene has been a deadly storm, destroying property and infrastructure and leaving millions without power. But the predicted catastrophe never fully materialized. New York, one of those cities, that escaped the worst. Despite a total public transport shut-down and evacuations, an inconvenient Monday commute and the ongoing cleanup, now the real concerns as Americas most populous city recovers from a near miss.美国东海岸上上下下的居民都在评估灾难带来的损失。致命风暴艾琳摧毁了房屋,基础设施,造成断电,使上百万人口无电可用。然而灾祸是永远预测不了的。其中一个受灾城市——纽约躲过了这一劫。除了公共交通完全瘫痪,人口疏散,工作日上下班不方便和清理工作外,最关键的是美国这个最受欢迎的城市侥幸脱险。;Its going to take time to recover from a storm of this magnitude. The effects are still being felt across much of the country, including in New England and States like Vermont where theres been an enormous amount of flooding.;“从如此巨大的飓风中恢复还需一段时日。全国大对数地区,包括新英格兰州,佛蒙特州等遭遇到巨大洪灾的州仍然受到影响。”The damage caused by this storm will cost billions to put right. Irene may not have been as devastating as feared but her impact will be felt for some time to come.将灾区恢复正常将花费数十亿美元。飓风艾琳的毁灭性也许不那么令人胆寒,但未来一段时间会感受到她带来的压力。Hannah Thomas-Peter, Sky News, New York.汉娜·托马斯·彼得,天空新闻,纽约。201206/186818济南/市瑞丽医院口碑

历城区人民医院脱毛多少钱Science and Technology科技Materials science材料科学Dont slag it off废渣别融掉How to make bricks out of industrial waste怎样用工业废渣制造砖块BUILDING houses and offices out of toxic waste sounds like a pretty eccentric idea.用有毒废料建造住房和办公室的点子听起来真怪。Yet it may become commonplace if Ana Andres of the University of Cantabria in Spain has her way.但是如果西班牙坎塔布里亚大学的Ana Andres成功的话,这项技术就会广泛应用。For Dr Andres and her colleagues suggest, in Industrial amp; Engineering Chemistry Research, that the humble brick need not be made of pure clay.Ana Andres士和她的同事们在《工业与工程化学研究》中提出,一般的砖不需要全用粘土烧制。Instead, up to 30% of its weight could be slag—the toxic gunk left over when steel is made.反而,高达30%的重量可以是矿渣,这是一种在制钢过程中产生的有毒废料。Waelz slag, to give its technical name, is composed mainly of silica but is also undesirably rich in poisonous metals like lead and zinc.学名是威尔兹的废渣主要由硅土组成,也不可避免的含有诸如铅和锌之类的有毒金属。Getting rid of it safely is thus a problem. Getting rid of it usefully might sound like a miracle.如何安全的去除这些金属是一个问题。能够去除听起来就是个奇迹。But that is what Dr Andres proposes.但这正是Andres士打算解决的。A series of experiments she has conducted over the past three years suggests this is not only possible but will make bricks cheaper and more environmentally friendly.再过去的三年中,她所做的一系列实验表明,安全去除有毒物质不仅可行,还可以降低制砖成本,更加环保。Her research started after she of previous work which had shown that many ceramics suffer no loss of integrity when the clay used to make them is mixed with other materials, and that the molecular structure of some ceramics acts to trap atoms of toxic heavy metals.一些研究表明,在用于烧制的粘土中添加了其他材料后,陶瓷整体的性质没有减弱,一些陶瓷的分子结构捕捉有毒重的金属原子,读到这些后,士开始了她的研究。She wondered whether these things might be true of brick clay and Waelz slag, and she began experimenting.她想知道这些原理对制砖粘土和威尔兹废料是否同样适用,她开始实验。The answer, she found, was that they are.发现是,同样适用。Bricks show no loss of useful mechanical properties even when 20-30% of their content is slag. Nor do they leak.就算20-30%的是废料,砖的力学性能也没有降低。有毒物质也没有泄露。To check that, Dr Andres and her team ground their bricks into powder and soaked them in water, shook them in special machines for days at a time, and even tried to dissolve them in nitric acid.为了验这一点,士和她的科研小组将砖头打成粉末,浸泡在水里,在特殊装置里几天不停地摇晃,甚至在硝酸中溶解粉末。The pollutants stayed resolutely put.污染物没有一丝一毫泄露。Moreover, adding slag to the clay reduced by a third the amount of carbon dioxide each brick released during its manufacture, because wood pulp is added to clay before it is fired, and less clay means less pulp is needed.而且,通过在砖头中增加废料,可以在制砖的过程中减少三分之一的二氧化碳排放,因为添加在粘土中的木浆没有经过燃烧,粘土越少,需要的木浆越少。The cost, too, fell, because slag is free, whereas clay costs money.成本也有所降低,因为废料是免费的,只有粘土需要用钱购买。There is, of course, the problem of customers.当然,消费者是个问题。Whether people will be willing to live and work in structures that double as waste dumps is moot.人们是否愿意住在工作在砖头含有有毒物质,但面积增加一倍的建筑物中还不得而知。But for those who want to make an eco-point, what better way could there be than, literally, to build their green credentials?但是对于那些想做点对生态有益的人,说实话,什么会比建造环保建筑这一绿色明更好的方式呢? /201211/209660 长清区人民医院做隆鼻手术多少钱历城区整容医院哪家最好



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