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包头达尔罕茂明安联合旗治疗慢性肠炎多少钱包头包钢医院割包皮Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Rob Carter.罗布:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是罗布·卡特。Wang Fei: And Im Wang Fei. Did you enjoy the party at the weekend, Rob?王飞:我是王飞。罗布,周末的派对你玩得开心吗?Rob: Of course! And it was good of William to buy all that food and drink–hes a good egg!罗布:当然开心了!而且威廉非常大方地付了所有食物和饮料的钱,他真是个好人!Wang Fei: A good egg?王飞:good egg?Rob: Yes, hes someone who is good to other people and hes generous too!罗布:对,就是说他对其他人很好,而且他也很大方!Wang Fei: So youre telling me William is a good egg because hes a generous person and he put on a good party?王飞:所以你跟我说威廉是个好人,原因就是他是个大方的人,而且他办了一场很好的派对?Rob: Well not just that. Hes reliable too–he always does what he says he will do–like helping me with the decorating.罗布:并不仅仅是这样。他也很值得信赖,他一直都说到做到,就像他帮我装修一样。Wang Fei: So a good egg is really a nice person to know then?王飞:所以good egg就是指非常好的人吗?Rob: Yes, a good egg is an all round good guy.罗布:对,是指各方面都很好的人。Wang Fei: A good guy. Are we really talking about William?!王飞:一个好人。我们真的在说威廉吗?Rob: We are.罗布:是啊。Thanks for buying me lunch, you really are a good egg!谢谢你请我吃午餐,你真是一个好人!I think we can trust her, she really is a good egg.我认为我们可以信任她,她真的是个好人。Rob: So these examples of using good egg mean someone is a reliable, trustworthy and generous person.罗布:上面这些例子表示good egg是指值得信赖、可靠的、大方的人。Wang Fei: Its a very British term isnt it?王飞:这是一个英国短语,对吧?Rob: It is, which is why I tend to say it in a posh voice–good egg. Of course, the opposite of a good egg is a bad egg. Lets hear how this term is used…罗布:对,所以我习惯用优雅的腔调来说这个短语。当然了,good egg的反义词就是bad egg。我们来听一些这个词的用法……Hes a bad egg. I cant rely on him to do anything!他是个坏人。我再也不会依靠他做任何事。How can I trust you to be on time? Youre such a bad egg!我怎么能相信你会准时到?你真是个坏蛋!Rob: So in these examples bad egg is used to describe someone who is not reliable and untrustworthy.罗布:在这些例子中,bad egg用来形容不可信赖、不能依靠的人。Wang Fei: Actually Rob, I meant to tell you - I bought all the food and drink for Williams party. He had forgotten to get any.王飞:实际上,罗布,我要告诉你,威廉派对上提供的所有食物和饮料是我买的单。他忘了带钱了。Rob: Really? Did he have egg on his face?罗布:真的吗?那他感到丢脸了吗?Wang Fei: Excuse me?王飞:抱歉,什么意思?Rob: If you have egg on your face it means youre extremely embarrassed by your actions.罗布:have egg on your face就是说你为你的行为感到非常不好意思。Wang Fei: Oh I see! William certainly had egg on his face but we still had a good party.王飞:哦,我明白了!威廉一定感到不好意思了,不过我们还是办了个很棒的派对。Rob: Of course we did!罗布:当然了!Wang Fei: Well dont forget to check our website.王飞:好了,别忘了要上我们的网站。Rob: Thatswww.bbclearningenglish.comfor lots more useful English words and phrases.罗布:网址是www.bbclearningenglish.com,上面有很多有用的英语单词和短语。Both: Bye bye.二人一起:再见。 译文属 /201408/319999包头中心医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱 经典句型:I think you get seasick. 我想你是晕船了。A:I dont feel well.甲:我感觉不舒。B:I think you get seasick.乙:我想你是晕船了。A:I will take these pills for seasickness.甲:我要吃点晕船药。经典句型:The sea is so rough that I dont feel well. 风浪太大了,我感觉不舒。A:Whats wrong with you? You look so pale.甲:你怎么了?看起来脸色很苍白。B:The sea is so rough that I dont feel well.乙:风浪太大了,我感觉不舒。A:Close your eyes and have a nap.甲:闭上眼睛休息一会儿吧。B:When will the ship pull in?乙:船什么时候靠岸?A:About half an hour.甲:大概半个小时吧。B:I dont know if I can stand for so long.乙:我不知道能不能忍受那么久。句型讲解:seasick意思是“晕船的”,动词常用get或become。类似的还有airsick晕机,carsick晕车。 /201406/306117包头那家医院性病手术好

包头第八医院治疗宫颈炎价格Todd: OK, Jose, you just said you went to the Galapagos Islands.托德:好,何塞,你说你去过加拉帕戈斯群岛。Jose: Yes.何塞:没错。Todd: Can you talk about the Galapagos?托德:你能谈谈加拉帕戈斯群岛吗?Jose: Yes, the Galapagos, as everybody knows is such a unique place and I went there and by chance I was in the same tour like with President Carter.何塞:当然,就像所有人都知道的那样,加拉帕戈斯群岛是一个非常独特的地方,我在偶然间遇到了去那里旅行的卡特总统。Todd: Really!托德:真的吗?Jose: Yeah!何塞:对!Todd: Wow! Hes my favorite president.托德:哇!他是我最喜欢的总统。Jose: Well, its so interesting because you know the guy was, I mean when went there, all of a sudden I had this strange people looking at me. I say, ;What happened? Whats wrong?; There were 8 bodyguards with the guy.何塞:嗯,这很有意思,因为你知道当时他……,我是说我去那里的时候,突然看到一个奇怪的人看着我。于是我问:“发生什么事了?怎么了?”当时他身边有8名保镖。Todd: No kidding!托德:别开玩笑了!Jose: Yes! He was with his wife and his daughter and the child. Yeah it was interesting. You know thats just one anecdote but still, Im , the Galapagos Islands, what I can tell you is that, its a unique place, but you have to go there, sooner than later is better because I think the whole ecosystem will collapse.何塞:就是这样!他和妻子、女儿、外孙一起去度假。这很有意思。你知道这只是一件轶事,不过我可以告诉你,加拉帕戈斯群岛是一个独特的地方,我认为你一定要尽早去那里看看,因为我想那里的整个生态系统将会崩塌。Todd: Oh, no!托德:哦,不!Jose: Yeah! The situation is very complicated because lack of ---- of the government. The poor fisherman, and they dont have any kind of way to actually make a living by destroying the system. And all the money just goes to the big tourist companies that are taking tourists and you go to the capital, to Quito, but the people on the Islands, they dont have money, so they are, theres no control, for fishing, I mean, sharks and lobsters and tuna and so on, so everything is terrible. I was very very upset with the situation, and also you know, its a kind of tourism for rich people and I was the only Ecuadorian in the group何塞:是这样。那里的情况非常复杂,因为缺少政府的管理。那里的渔民很贫穷,由于生态系统被破坏,实际上他们并没有谋生的方法。而所有的营利都进了大型旅游公司的口袋,他们会带游客旅游,你可能会去首都基多,但是那些岛上的人们没有收入来源,所以那里对渔业并没有管制,我是说,他们会捕食鲨鱼、龙虾、金鱼等等,所有的事情都非常糟糕。我对那里的现状非常担心,而且你知道,这对富人来说是旅游,而我是那个团里唯一的厄瓜多尔人。Todd: Really! Thats not good.托德:真的吗?那不太好。Jose: Yes, thats not good. You know we were just servers and waitresses and waiters and Ecuadorians so, for me it was, I was 5 days there. You know its very beautiful to see the animals and birds but me being an Ecuadorian I had a completely different point of view. I was very disappointed frankly.何塞:对,不太好。你知道我们只是务员、务生、厄瓜多尔人,我在那里待了五天的时间。你知道见到那些动物和鸟类是件美好的事情,但是我作为厄瓜多尔人来说,却有着完全不同的看法。坦率地说,我非常失望。 /201403/282295呼和浩特铁路局包头铁路医院治疗包皮包茎价格 包头医学院第二附属医院治疗大便出血价格

包头九洲医院中医馆电话1、Brownie points/ extra points2、Tough cookie: 难对付的人3、The golden rule 黄金法则4、Rocket science 火箭科学5、Dont have it in me/ lose desire to do6、Bite the bullet / take the consequences7、Get your act together /make you active8、Walking papers /termination paper9、Crystal clear /as clear as possible /201312/266249 5. We will have a seven days vacation.我们会有7天的假期。还能这样说:A seven days vacation is given to us soon.Were going to have a vacation for seven days.谚语:Dont praise the day until evening.尚未成功之事,不可誉之过早。6. Im trying to figure out where to go to travel now.我正考虑去哪儿旅行呢。还能这样说:I am thinking about the right place to travel.Which place is right to go to travel is under my consideration.应用:make a brilliant figure 崭露头角;放异,引人注目,超群出众;cut a poor figure 出丑;露出可怜相;显得很不像样7. Could you take care of my plants while Im on vacation?我去度假的时候,你可以照顾我的花草吗?还能这样说:Would you like to look after my plants when I am on vacation?Would you like to watch over my plants during my vacation?应用:a good long while 长久;a little while 不久,一会儿;a while ago 刚才;all the while 始终,一直;between whiles 间或;make it worth sb.s while 酬谢某人,贿赂某人8. You can join in the group tour we organize.你可以加入我们组织的旅行团。还能这样说:You can take part in our group tour.You can go to tour together with our group.应用:join hand in hand 同心协力;join oneself to 加入;归入;join up with 汇合;join...together 把……连成一体;join up 参军;把……连接起来 /201405/295264包头生殖器疱疹专科医院东河区妇幼保健人民中医院妇科咨询

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