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Chrismas Father was the descendant of a deity called Odin. It#39;s also said that Chrismas Father comes from San Nichola, so he is also called St.Nicholas. He was the bishop of Asia Minor city of Rafah and he was called a man of God after his death. He is an old man in red clothes and he wears a red hat. He has white mustache. He comes from the north on a blowmobile every Chrismas Day. He went into people#39;s houses by the track and he put the presents into children#39;s socks. So in western countries,parents put the gifts to their kids in kids#39; socks and put them on the head of the bed on Chrismas Eve. On the second day, the first thing after kids wake up is to find the presents from Chrismas Fathers.圣诞老人为奥丁神后裔。 也传说称圣诞老人由圣;尼古拉而来,所以圣诞老人也称St.Nicholas。据说他原是小亚细亚每拉城的主教,名叫圣尼古拉,死后被尊为圣徒,是一位身穿红袍、头戴红帽的白胡子老头。每年圣诞节他驾着鹿拉的雪橇从北方而来,由烟囱进入各家,把圣诞礼物装在袜子里挂在孩子们的床头上或火炉前。所以,西方人过圣诞节时,父母把给孩子的圣诞礼物装在袜子里,圣诞夜时挂在孩子们的床头上。第二天,孩子们醒来后的第一件事就是在床头上寻找圣诞老人送来的礼物。 /201201/167309

Residents of Chengdu, the lively capital of southwestern China#39;s Sichuan province, are known as enthusiastic idlers, a reputation owed to a passion for tea gardens, cards and mah-jongg and good food.中国四川省的省会成都市的居民素有闲散之名,这是因为当地人热衷茶室、扑克牌、麻将和美食。No local specialty is more treasured than mapo dofu, a sumptuous melange of silky firm bean curd, chopped meat and suanmiao (a local leek) cooked in liberal amounts of oil with black beans, chili-beanpaste, soy sauce and dried chilies. Before it is served, the dish is thickly dusted with ground huajiao (also known as Sichuan pepper), the fruit of a type of prickly ash tree that leaves a tingle on lips and tongue.当地美食没有比麻婆豆腐更让人爱不释口的了。又滑又韧的豆腐,肉末、蒜苗配以豆豉、辣椒豆瓣酱、酱油和干红辣椒,用大量的油烹制而成。在盛盘之前,还要撒上厚厚的一层四川当地特有的花椒,吃到口里的时候,只觉得嘴唇和舌头都是麻麻的。For British food writer Fuchsia Dunlop, author of #39;Sichuan Cookery#39; (published in the U.S. under the title #39;Land of Plenty#39;), mapo dofu#39;s #39;bold, striking flavors and comforting, sort of lazy texture#39; are a culinary embodiment of Chengdu#39;s split personality: #39;A vibrant city whose inhabitants are known for taking a laid-back approach to life,#39; says Ms. Dunlop.在著有《川菜烹饪》(Sichuan Cookery)(在美国出版时的书名为《天府之国》一书的英国美食作家扶霞看来,麻婆豆腐大胆而浓厚的风味、嫩滑而绵软的口感,是成都这个城市的两面性在美食上的充分体现。扶霞说,成都是一个充满活力的城市,而那里的居民却有着悠然自得的生活态度。THE HISTORY历史Mapo dofu -- which means #39;pockmarked old lady#39;s bean curd#39; or, more politely, #39;pockmarked mother#39;s bean curd#39; (ma means pockmarked and po means mother or lady) -- is named for its inventor, a woman named Chen who, in late 19th-century Chengdu, ran a food shop called Wanfu Qiao (Wanfu Bridge) with her husband. The restaurant#39;s existence, Ms. Dunlop notes, is substantiated by its mention in #39;Chengdu Tonglan: A General View of Chengdu,#39; a guide to the city#39;s famous eateries and street snacks published in 1909.麻婆豆腐,字面上的意思是“满脸长着麻子的老太婆的豆腐”,或者客气点说,“脸上长有麻子的老妈妈的豆腐”(麻的意思是麻子,婆的意思是妈妈或婆婆)。麻婆豆腐由19世纪末成都市万福桥边一家小吃店的陈姓老板娘所创。扶霞指出,1909年出版的介绍成都著名饭店和小吃的手册《成都通览》(#39;Chengdu Tonglan: A General View of Chengdu#39;)中即记载了这家小吃店,实确有其事。Wanfu Qiao sat outside the city wall#39;s north gate, along a route traversed by laborers lugging rapeseed oil (a type of vegetable oil still used in Sichuan) to market. Ms. Dunlop speculates that one day the porters gave Chen Mapo some oil and requested that she make them something with bean curd. Heeding the Sichuanese penchant for ma-la (numbing and spicy flavors), she added plenty of dried chilies and huajiao (Sichuan pepper) to her bean curd dish and served it in a pool of chili-hued oil.万福桥位于成都北门外,正好是运送菜籽油(一种菜油,四川仍在使用)的脚夫们途经之路。扶霞推断,某天脚夫给了陈麻婆一些油,让她做些豆腐吃。 想到四川人喜欢麻辣口味,她就在豆腐里加了很多干辣椒和花椒,并配以红油。The owners of Chen Mapo Dofu, a chain of restaurants in contemporary Chengdu, maintain that their shops are directly descended from the late 19th-century original. It#39;s a claim that#39;s impossible to verify, though Ms. Dunlop thinks it may have merit because when the Chinese Communists nationalized privately owned restaurants in the 1950s, they usually left the businesses#39; family names intact.现今的成都连锁餐馆“陈麻婆豆腐”的老板坚持说,他们的餐馆是直接从19世纪的陈氏老店继承下来的。这种说法无法考,但是扶霞认为也有一定道理,原因是中国共产党在五十年代对私有餐馆国有化的时候,通常都会保留餐馆的家族名字不变。Overseas Chinese restaurant versions of mapo dofu rarely pack the ma-la punch of the real thing, probably because most restaurant owners hail from chili-phobic southern China, but also because the processing that huajiao must undergo for export robs it of fragrance and flavor.海外中餐馆里的麻婆豆腐很少有成都当地原汁原味的麻辣口味,或许是因为大多数餐馆老板都来自于少食辣椒的中国南部,但是也可能是因为出口所用的花椒必须经过一定处理,因而令花椒失去了原有的香味和风味。THE SETTING做法Mapo dofu is a lunch or dinner food to be enjoyed -- depending on the occasion and the company -- with a simple stir-fried green vegetable or an array of cold starters, other main dishes and soup. In Chengdu, you#39;re rarely more than a city block from a passable version, whether it#39;s served in an establishment dripping with gold leaf and crystal chandeliers or a rustic open-air eatery run by a lone cook working a single wok.麻婆豆腐可以在午餐或是晚餐时候享用,根据场合和食客的不同,可配以一道清炒时蔬,或是几个冷盘,其它一些主菜,还有汤。在成都,街头巷尾随处都能吃到还过得去的麻婆豆腐,无论是金碧辉煌的大饭店,还是一人主厨的简陋的大排档。The dish is also a comfort food well-suited to preparation at home. According to Chinese-American Zuo Ziying, who was born in Chengdu and who conducts tours in southwest China for Lotus Culinary Travel, jiachang or home-style versions of mapo dofu are usually less oily and more simple than those cooked in restaurant kitchens. When Ms. Zuo prepares the dish at home, #39;I make it with just tofu cubes and some chili oil, and not so much beanpaste.#39; And she often substitutes chopped scallion greens for suanmiao (the local leek).麻婆豆腐也是非常适合家庭准备的一道家常菜。出生于成都的美籍华人、在中国西南地区为荷花美食游(Lotus Culinary Travel)担任导游的左子英(音)表示,比起饭店的版本,家常麻婆豆腐通常不会那么油腻,用料也要简单一些。左女士在家准备麻婆豆腐的时候,只用豆腐和一些辣椒油,不放那么多豆瓣酱。而且她经常用切好的葱段代替蒜苗。Chilies both warm the body and induce a cooling sweat, so mapo dofu is a dish made-to-order for Chengdu#39;s perennially humid climate, with its bone-chilling winters and oppressively muggy summers.辣椒即可温暖身体,又可让人发汗,而成都的冬天寒冷刺骨,夏天又闷热无比,因此麻婆豆腐是非常适合成都常年潮湿气候的一道美食。THE JUDGMENT何为正宗#39;Each place makes it a different way,#39; says Ms. Zuo, #39;but the style served at Chen Mapo Dofu#39; -- with a generous pool of oil, lengths of suanmiao, heavy-duty spice and browned beef (some cooks substitute pork) -- #39;is authentic.#39;左女士说,每个地方的麻婆豆腐做法都不一样,但是陈氏麻婆豆腐的做法──油的用量很大,蒜苗的长度,浓郁的麻辣味道,还有黄牛肉的使用(一些厨师用猪肉替代)──是地道的做法。Foreigners are often put off by mapo dofu#39;s characteristic slick of oil, but Ms. Dunlop says, #39;It was an oil carrier#39;s dish, so it should be oily.#39; The dish, she adds, should also boast a #39;wonderful deep-red glossiness because the chilies have thoroughly colored the oil.#39; A generous sprinkling of fragrant ground huajiao -- Sichuan pepper -- just before serving is essential.外国人经常会因为麻婆豆腐的油腻而不敢尝试,但是扶霞说,这是必须有油才能好吃的菜肴,因此用油必须要大。她还说,麻婆豆腐还应当有着鲜亮的红色色泽,因为辣椒已经彻底浸入油里。在盛盘之前撒上大量香味扑鼻的花椒则是不可或缺的一道工序。Firm yet tender bean curd that holds its shape during cooking -- #39;When you cook it you just sort of nudge the tofu with the back of a spoon to mix but not break it,#39; is essential, advises Ms. Dunlop. A thick, luxurious beef sauce flavored with salty and spicy chili-beanpaste (preferably from Sichuan#39;s Pixian County, home to the province#39;s oldest chili-beanpaste workshop) lend the dish its over-the-top taste and plush texture.又韧又软的豆腐,在烹制过程当中保持原型。扶霞建议,在烹制麻婆豆腐时,只能用勺子背面轻推豆腐,让豆腐与调料充份混合,但不要碰碎豆腐,这一点很关键。一层浓厚的牛肉酱,加上又咸又辣的豆瓣酱(最好是来自四川郫县的豆瓣酱),让麻婆豆腐具有醇厚的口味和口感。The dish can convert even the most die-hard bean-curd sceptics, says Ms. Dunlop, speaking from experience. #39;It#39;s just so delicious that most people, who normally won#39;t eat tofu because they think it#39;s boring, love it.#39;扶霞说,即便是最不喜欢吃豆腐的顽固分子也会因麻婆豆腐而改变看法。这话是经验之谈。她说,它实在是美味无比,大多数觉得豆腐味道平淡、因而平时根本不吃豆腐的人,都会对它情有独锺。 /201508/390740

During the past few weeks in the FT, the ;Right Thinking; warriors of the Republican party have laid out their manifesto in broadly appealing principles rendered so gauzily as to nearly erase from history the hard-edged specifics that some of these same authors have sworn allegiance to. 在过去几周的英国《金融时报》上,美国共和党的;右翼思想;斗士们发表了自己的宣言。他们的宣言涵盖了一些具有广泛吸引力的原则,但他们对这些原则阐述得极其模糊,仿佛这些原则的冷酷无情的细节根本不曾在历史上出现过。在这些作者中,有些人曾宣誓拥护这些原则细节。 But then the memories of GOP dogma kick in: vast, unaffordable tax cuts; evisceration of social welfare programmes; deep cuts in spending on practically everything else, from food stamps to national parks; steadfast opposition to gay marriage; intimations of harsh treatment of the US#39;s 11m illegal immigrants. 但随后人们慢慢记起了共和党的政策主张:推行财政上难以负担的大规模减税;砍掉社会福利计划;大幅削减几乎所有其他出,从食品券到国家公园拨款;坚决反对同性恋婚姻;暗示要严厉对待美国的1100万非法移民。 And on and on. The contrast between the high-minded commentary that appeared in these pages and pre-existing policy proposals could not be starker. 这样的主张还有很多。报纸上那些占领道德高地的与这些早已存在的政策主张形成了再鲜明不过的对比。 Proving that his silver tongue is matched by a silver pen, Congressman Paul Ryan issued a call to ;restructure; entitlements so ;important programmes can succeed well into the 21st century;. 国会议员保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)呼吁对福利进行;重组;,以使;重要的计划能在21世纪晚些时候取得成功;。这明他的出色口才与非凡文笔不相上下。 In fact, what he has proposed in his draft budget is to transform Medicare from an entitlement programme in which seniors receive the care that they need into a voucher plan in which the elderly would receive a fixed allotment to buy their own insurance. If that amount proves insufficient or the insurance does not deliver adequate coverage, well, tough luck! 实际上,他在自己起草的预算案中提议的是,将联邦医疗保险计划(Medicare)从一个为老年人提供其所需的医疗务的福利计划,改为一个为老年人提供固定金额补助以让他们自行购买保险的医疗券计划。如果这些补助不够或保险承保范围不够全,那就自认倒霉吧! Medicaid, healthcare for the poor, would suffer a different, but equally disabling fate. It would be turned over to cash-starved states, the fiscal equivalent of being sent to the knacker for execution. 为穷人提供医疗务的联邦医疗补助计划(Medicaid)的命运虽与联邦医疗保险计划不同,但它同样会受到严重削弱。它将被交到资金紧张的各州手中,这在财政上等于被判了死刑。 Meanwhile, Glenn Hubbard says the US needs to fix its riddled tax code and get its fiscal house in order. Well, of course it does; every sentient American knows that. But Mr Hubbard blithely ignores the plan put forth by Governor Mitt Romney, who he is advising: 20 per cent across the board tax cuts costing .8tn over the ensuing decade, to be paid for by closing loopholes that Mr Romney has refused to specify (apart from two minor items.) Even in a cynical age, that is cynicism of mind-boggling proportion. 与此同时,格伦#8226;哈伯德(Glenn Hubbard)表示,美国需要修复其漏洞百出的税法,整顿好财政状况。美国当然需要这么做;每一位有认知能力的美国人都清楚这一点。但哈伯德心不在焉地忽略了马萨诸塞州州长米特#8226;罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)提出的计划——罗姆尼提议:在接下来的十年里对所有美国人减税20%,由此造成的2.8万亿美元亏空将通过堵住一些漏洞(他拒绝点明到底是哪些漏洞,除了两个小项目)来弥补。即便是在一个玩世不恭的时代,这种程度的玩世不恭也超出了人们的想象。 The Romney/Hubbard tax plan would not result in net additional revenues, which means reducing the deficit would require spending reductions on a massive and – I believe – politically unacceptable and socially undesirable scale. 罗姆尼/哈伯德税收计划不会产生净新增税收收入,这意味着削减赤字要依靠大规模地减少出——我相信,如此规模的减在政治上是不可接受的,也不会受到社会的欢迎。 Finally, Mr Hubbard offers up the thoroughly discredited argument that deficit reduction can spur near-term economic growth. He should ask the British (or the eurozone members) how that austerity stuff is working out for them. 最后,哈伯德提出了一个完全不可信的论点,即减赤可在短期内刺激经济增长。他应该问问英国(或者欧元区成员国)紧缩努力的效果如何。 Amid all the disingenuousness lie a few hopeful wisps. 在所有这些不诚实的中,也有一些鼓舞人心的声音。 Maine Senator Olympia Snowe#39;s cri de coeur for the GOP to retreat from its extremism to a centre right position is welcome – even coming on the eve of her retirement – as is the estimable Jon Huntsman#39;s call to embrace the progressivism of Theodore Roosevelt, a giant widely admired across party lines. 缅因州参议员奥林匹亚#8226;斯诺(Olympia Snowe)强烈呼吁共和党从极端主义退到中右翼立场,这一表态值得欢迎——尽管她即将退休。同样值得欢迎的是,受人尊敬的洪培(Jon Huntsman)呼吁接受西奥多#8226;罗斯福(Theodore Roosevelt)的进步主义。罗斯福是一位受到两党普遍尊重的伟人。 But that same Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to espouse national healthcare, while Mr Huntsman, a former Utah governor, advocated repeal of ObamaCare during the Republican primaries. Now he says full repeal of ObamaCare is ;unlikely; and wants the ;pointless sound bites; dropped. 但西奥多#8226;罗斯福是首位持全民医保的美国总统,而曾任犹他州州长的洪培在共和党初选期间却曾主张废除;奥巴马医改;(Obamacare)。如今,洪培表示,完全废除;奥巴马医改;是;不太可能;的,并希望放弃;毫无意义的政治口号;。 Barack Obama mostly escaped a direct lashing. Instead, Republicans were sure to include code words to subtly identify the incumbent#39;s alleged failures: ;defeatism;, ;crony capitalism;, ;ad hoc responses;, ;bureaucrats; and the like. 巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)通常不会遭受直接的抨击。相反,共和党人肯定会用一些代名词隐晦地指出现任总统的所谓失败,比如;失败主义;、;裙带资本主义;、;特别回应;、;官僚;等等。 In fact, Mr Obama is far closer to the right approach than his Republican nemeses. Putting in place a long-term deficit reduction plan is an urgent priority but it should be balanced between tax increases and spending cuts and phased in gradually, just as a speeding car should be decelerated slowly. 实际上,奥巴马的路线比他的共和党对手们靠谱得多。出台长期减赤计划确是当务之急,但该计划应当在增税和减之间找到平衡,而且应当缓步推进,就像一辆高速行驶的汽车应当缓慢减速一样。 US spending on social welfare programmes can be curbed humanely, without gutting the social safety net. And of course policy certainty would benefit business and consumers alike. But let#39;s put the blame for the current drifting where it belongs: on Congress. 美国可以温和地抑制社会福利计划方面的出,而不致破坏社会保障网络。政策明确显然会让企业和消费者等群体受益,但当前政策的摇摆不定应当归咎于国会。 By all means go back and the Right Thinking series, just also be sure to the transcripts of the Republican presidential debates and the policy papers of Mr Ryan, Mr Romney and others who form the true core of the Republican party. 务必要回过头来读一读;右翼思想;系列文章,也一定要读一读共和党总统竞选辩论的文字稿、以及瑞安、罗姆尼和其他共和党真正核心人物的政策文件。 The writer is a former counsellor to the US Secretary of the Treasury 本文作者曾任美国财政部长顾问 /201208/195065

  Swearing can be good for you.偶尔说脏话有益健康Swearing can provide effective relief from pain - but not if you swear all the time, researchers have found.据英国《每日邮报》12月1日报道,研究人员发现,偶尔说脏话能有效地减轻痛苦。A study found releasing the odd expletive helped people cope with discomfort in the short-term but the frequency of swearing played an important role.一项研究发现说脏话能帮助人们应对短期不适,然而说的频率起着至关重要的作用。Researchers at Keele University#39;s School of Psychology recruited 71 undergraduates who were asked to carry out a cold-water challenge while either repeating a swear word or a non-swear word.英国基尔大学心理学院的研究人员们招募了71名大学生作为实验对象。大学生们在被要求进行一项冷水挑战的同时,一边反复说脏话或不说。The students put their hand in room temperature water for three minutes to act as a control before plunging it into cold 5C water for as long as they could while repeating their word.为了作对比,学生们先将手放入常温的水中3分钟,然后再尽可能长时间的把手放入5摄氏度的冷水中,同时一边重复着自己的语言。The level of perceived pain together with a change in heart rate were compared while people swore or said their non-swear word.研究人员对比了说脏话的人和没说脏话的人的疼痛感知水平与心率变化。The group was also asked about how much they swore in daily life and this was analysed together with their level of pain tolerance.研究对象还被问及在日常生活中说脏话的频率,这一点也被拿来和个人的疼痛耐受力进行综合分析。Writing in the Journal of Pain, the authors concluded: ;Swearing increased pain tolerance and heart rate compared with not swearing.;该研究结果发表在了《疼痛期刊》上,研究者总结道:;与没有说脏话的实验对象相比,说脏话成员的疼痛耐受力和心率都有所增加。;;Moreover, the higher the daily swearing frequency, the less was the benefit for pain tolerance when swearing, compared with when not swearing.;;此外,与平常没有说脏话习惯的人相比,日常说脏话的频率越高,在该实验中疼痛耐受力的增幅就越小。;Dr Richard Stephens, a senior lecturer in psychology at Keele, said: ;Swearing is a very emotive form of language and our findings suggest that using swear words moderation can be an effective and ily available short-term pain reliever.;基尔大学的资深心理学讲师理查德-史蒂芬士说:;脏话是一种非常情绪化的语言,我们的研究显示了适度地说一些脏话能有效而轻易地缓解短期疼痛。;;However, if you#39;re used to swearing all the time, our research suggests you won#39;t get the same effect.;;然而,我们的研究也显示如果一直出口成lsquo;脏rsquo;的话,就不会收到同样缓解疼痛地效果。; /201112/163323


  Despite what you might on the Internet, microwaving your food does not ;kill; nutrients. In fact, it can make certain nutrients more available to your body, the SHAPE magazine reported.不管你从网络上获得的信息是什么,微波食物并不会使其营养流失。实际上,它还可以使某些营养更易被身体吸收。In terms of the impact on your food#39;s nutrients, microwaving is the equivalent of sauteing or heating up in a pan.据《体型》杂志报道,使用微波和用平底锅煎或加热对食物营养产生的影响是一样的。Research on this topic shows that whenever you cook greens, some of the B vitamins and other water-soluble vitamins are lost. The amount you lose depends on the duration and rigor in which the food is cooked — steaming broccoli in the microwave for 90 seconds is a lot different than nuking it for five minutes.有关研究表明,不管何时烹饪绿叶菜,其中的维他命B和其它水溶性维他命都会有所流失,而营养流失量取决于食物的烹饪时长以及火候。比如,用微波蒸花椰菜90秒与生生蒸上5分钟就有很大区别。Another example: Sautéing green beans in a pan allows for much better vitamin retention than if you were to boil them.另外,用平底锅煎四季豆就比用水煮四季豆的维他命保存率高。 /201204/177183


  Fatty foods can be addictive垃圾食品似毒品易上瘾 Research suggests that processed foods and sugary drinks made by the likes of PepsiCo Inc. and Kraft Foods Inc. aren't simply unhealthy, but may also be addictive, just like cocaine, Bloomberg reported. 研究表明,百事公司和卡夫食品等企业生产的加工食品和含糖饮料不仅是不健康那么简单,它们还可能像可卡因那样让人上瘾。 Lab studies have found that sugary drinks and fatty foods can produce addictive behavior in animals. 据彭社报道,实验室研究发现,含糖饮料和高脂食品会使动物出现成瘾行为。 Brain scans of obese people and compulsive eaters reveal disturbances in brain reward circuits similar to those experienced by drug abusers. 研究人员对肥胖人群和强迫性暴食的人进行大脑扫描后发现,他们大脑中的“奖赏回路”所产生的变化和瘾君子的大脑中“奖赏回路”的变化很相似。 Twenty-eight scientific studies and papers on food addiction have been published this year, according to a National Library of Medicine database. 美国国家医学图书馆的数据库显示,今年发表的关于食品上瘾的科研论文已有28篇。 If fatty foods and snacks and drinks sweetened with sugar and high fructose corn syrup are proven to be addictive, food companies may face the most drawn-out consumer safety battle since the anti-smoking movement took on the tobacco industry a generation ago. 如果高脂食品﹑零食﹑以及用食糖和高果糖玉米糖浆来增加甜味的饮料真的被明能让人上瘾,那么食品公司可能要面临自二三十年前烟草业出现禁烟运动以来最为持久的消费者安全大战。 /201111/160156

  A patron in Montreal cafe turned on a tap in the washroom and got scalded.;This is an outrage,; he complained. ;The faucet marked C gave me boiling water.;;But, Monsieur, C stands for chaude — French for hot.You should know that if you live in Montreal.;;Wait a minute,; roared the patron. ;The other tap is also marked C.;;Of course,; said the manager, ;It stands for cold. After all, Montreal is a bilingual city.;蒙特利尔咖啡馆的一位顾客拧开盥洗室的水龙头,结果被水烫伤了。“这太可恶了,”他抱怨道,“标着C的龙头流出的是开水。”“可是,先生,C代表Chaude,在法语里代表‘热’。如果您住在蒙特利尔的话就应该知道这一点。”“等等,”那位顾客咆哮着,“另外一个龙头标的也是C。”“那当然,”经理说道:“这个C代表冷(cold)。毕竟,蒙特利尔是个双语城市。” /201204/176899


  Taylor Swift says she has a lot to learn about life – including getting the love part just right.泰勒#8226;斯威夫特说关于生活她还有很多需要学习的——包括让爱情那部分恰到好处。After romances with Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and most recently, Conor Kennedy, Swift tells PARADE that caution isn#39;t her strong suit when entering a relationship.在与杰克#8226;吉伦哈尔、约翰#8226;迈耶、泰勒劳特纳以及最近的康纳肯尼迪的恋情之后,斯威夫特告诉《PARADE》在进入一段恋情时谨慎不是她的强项。;I don#39;t think there#39;s an option for me to fall in love slowly, or at medium speed. I either do or I don#39;t,; says Swift, 22, who is currently rumored to be dating Harry Styles of One Direction.“我不认为有一个选项可以让我慢慢或以中等速度坠入爱河。我要么谈要么不谈,”22岁的斯威夫特说,目前谣传是在与单向乐队的哈罗德#8226;斯泰尔斯约会。;I don#39;t think it through, really, which is a good and a bad thing. You don#39;t look before you leap, which is like, #39;Yay, this is awesome! Let#39;s not think twice!#39; And then you#39;re like, #39;We used to be flying. Now we#39;re falling. What#39;s happening?#39;;“我没有全盘考虑周到,真的,这是好事也是坏事。你没有三思而后行,就像“哇,这太棒了!让我们别再三纠结了!“然后你就像‘我们曾经在飞翔。现在我们正在降落。现在正发生着什么?”Her boyfriend foibles often famously make it into her songs, including ;We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,; but Swift says contrary to what some people may think, she#39;s not sure she#39;s ever been in love.她男朋友的小缺点往往会成名地进入她的歌曲,包括《我们再也不会在一起了》,但与人们认为的相反的是斯威夫特说她不确定她曾经爱过。;I tend to think things are love and then look back and reevaluate,; she explains. ;I know how many people I#39;ve said #39;I love you#39; to. I could probably count it up, but I don#39;t feel like it.;“我倾向于认为事情是爱情,然后回顾和评估,”她解释说。“我知道我对多少人已经说过‘我爱你’。我或许可以计算,但我不喜欢这样。”;Part of me feels like you can#39;t say you were truly in love if it didn#39;t last,; she continues. ;If I end up getting married and having kids, that#39;s when I#39;ll know it#39;s real – because it lasted.;“一部分的我感觉就像如果恋情没有持续你不能说你真的在恋爱,”她继续说。“如果我最终得以结婚生子,那正是时候我知道这是真的了——因为它持久。” /201211/210666



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