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How pensions work in the ed StatesA pension is an income payable after a worker retires,usually at the age of 60 or above,depending on the provisions of the particular retirement plan.Pensions can also be paid out earlier if a worker becomes disabled,or to the survivors of a worker who dies.About 90 percent of all U.S. workers are covered retirement and disability under SOCIAL SECURITY.Most of the others are members of some public-employee retirement system.Perhaps half of all workers in the private sector are covered by some m of private pension or PROFIT-SHARING plan.Modern retirement plans come in two general ms.In a defined-benefit plan the amount of the pension is specified by some mula recognizing the worker length of service and earning history;then the contributions(from employer and employee) needed to provide the pension are determined.A defined-contribution plan indicates how the contributions are to be determined on behalf of each employeeand accumulates these contributions in an interest-earning fund;then,at retirement age,the accumulated fund is applied to provide whatever pension it will.A typical pension plan,of either type,will be a written document of some complexity.Among the detailed provisions that will be found are:1.The rules that determine which workers are eligible to become plan members;.The age or ages at which workers can retire,and any choices they may have with respect to retirement age or to the m of the retirement income;3.The details of the pension mula(if a defined-benefit plan) or of the contribution mula(if a defined-contribution plan);.The rules with respect to the disposition of a worker pension if he or she leaves employment bee retirement age or dies;5.The arrangements by which the employer and employee contribute to the cost of the benefits provided.Retirement plans can be classified in terms of the entity that sponsors the plan.When the sponsoring agency is some part of government,the plan is considered to be in the public sector.When the plan is sponsored by an employer,when it arises out of the collective-bargaining process,or when it is arranged on an individual basis by the worker,it is said to be in the private sector.Private pension plans and state or local government accumulate substantial amounts of money awaiting distribution in the m of pensions.These dollars are invested in virtually every kind of income-producing resource,including stocks,bonds,mortgages,and real estate.As pension funds have increased,they have become an increasingly important factor in the nation economy.The actual management of pension-fund assets is often the responsibility of some institutional investor-typically the trust departments of major banks or the investment departments of life insurance companies.The aging of the American population(there were 5 million people age 65 and over in 1980; an estimated 9. million in 1986;and a projected 6.5 million by the year )has given increased economic importance to pension fundIn the ed States,public and private funds totaled . trillion in 1986,representing an enormous ce in financial markets.Nevertheless,only slightly more than 0 percent of civilian workers were covered by company-provided pensions in the late 1980s.Control of pension fund investmentsIt is perfectly possible,although not necessarily wise, an employer to set up a pension scheme where the benefits,are paid out of moneies solely provided by the employer out of revenues.Such a scheme would,of course,be heavily dependent upon the consistency of profits of the employerand in most circumstances would not give much security to the pensioner or prospective pensioner.This type of scheme is to be found on the Continent and is generally known as a ;Book Reserve Scheme;.Nearly all employers(and the government by virtue of the tax exemptions on investment activities which it gives).recognise that a more secure base the payment of pensions can be achieved by setting aside monies in a trust fund and investing them in a variety of Stock Exchange and other securities.Such a trust fund will consist of the contributions of the employer,the contributions of the employee,(in the case of a contributory fund),and the investment income from previously acquired investments and those assets themselves.The management of the trust fund will be carried out by the trustees who are normally appointed by the employer.(but increasingly from names put ward appointment by an elective process carried out in conjunction with trade unions and other employee representative bodiesWhile all the duties of the trustees are extremely important(and they are dealt with elsewhere in this book),among the most onerous is the investment of the trust property.The manner in which the trustees carry out their investment responsibilities will be governed by the trust deed,or other instrument under which the pension scheme is constituted.Most,if not all,modern trust deeds will have a specific investment clause which will permit the trustees to invest over a wide rangewhich enables them to take full advantage of the various investment outlets available to them.No matter whether the funds are self-administered,internally or externally managed or wholly managed by an insurance company,the trustees cannot abrogate their responsibility the investments of the scheme.It is,theree,important that the essentials of policy-making are fully understood.Investment policy will be a function of the requirements of the scheme.The vast majority of present-day pension schemes are what are known as ;finalsalary; or ;defined-benefit; schemes.In this type of scheme,the pension payable is linked to the salary of the pensioner bee retirement.(perhaps the average of the last five years,three years or,more commonly these days,the salary in the final year).Final-salary schemes have the merit of at least making sure that the pension,when first paid,has taken of inflationary movements in salaries up to the point of retirement.Such a link is an important factor in the type of investment policy followed.While final-salary schemes are now the most common,the money purchase or defined-contribution schemes cannot be totally ignored.(and they have come back into the limelight following the recent decline in the rate of inflation.)Clearly,an investment policy designed to cater inflation,at least to the point of retirement,will be quite different from one which does not attempt to do this. 7第一句:Do you use the meter?打计价器吗?A: What does it cost if I go to the Summer Palace?去颐和园多少钱?B: About 60 yuan.大约60元A: Do you use the meter?打计价器吗?B: Yep. That the regulation.是的那是规定第二句:How much do I have to pay?我需要付多少钱?A: Taxi, Please.出租车B: Where to, sir?去哪儿,先生?A: Peking University. How much do I have to pay?北京大学,我需付多少钱?B: Well, it depends. Normally it about 30 yuan.哦,依情况而定,一般是30元左右其他表达法:询问乘车费用时可以说:What is the rate? Mine is 1. yuan a kilometer.我的车是每公里一块二Let me check the meter out.让我看下计价器 1Conversation A: Good morning, sir. May I help you?A:早上好,先生,有什么能效劳的吗?B: I want to try on a pair of shoes in the display window.B:我想试橱窗内的一双鞋子A: Would you please show me, sir?A:您告诉我哪一双好吗?B: This one.B:这双A: I see. What your size, sir?A:好的,先生,请问您穿什么尺码的鞋?B: ty-three.B:3号的A: Just a moment, please… Here you are.A:请等一会……给你鞋B: (Tries it on) It fits me. But let me fasten up the shoelace and walk a few steps to see how it feels.B:(试穿上)很合适,让我系上鞋带走走,看感觉如何?A: Sure, sir. Make sure there is little space to see how it feels.A:好的,先生,请注意鞋头必须留下点空间B: Hm… the sole is too hard. Could you give me that one with soft sole?B:唔……鞋底太硬了,你可以给我双软底鞋吗?A: Certainly, sir. Here you are.A:当然可以,先生,这就是了B: This one is much better. What is it made of?B:这双好多了,是什么做的?A: Pig-skin. It very durable, sir.A:是猪皮做的,先生,非常耐穿B: Do they need special care?B:要特别护理吗?A: Nothing special, sir. Just put them in a dry and cool place. Dont put them into water. Polish them regularly. Lastly, put some paper in to keep it in shape when youre not going to use it a long period of time.A:也没什么特别只需放在干爽的地方,不要放进水里,要经常揩抹,还有,当长时间不穿时,放些纸在鞋内,以保持它们的形状B: Thank you the inmation.B:谢谢你告诉我这么多 19957

5.T.S. Eliot Biggest Fan5.托马斯·斯特尔那斯·艾略特的死忠粉Today, T.S. Eliot is one of the most famous poets of the th century, while Ezra Pound works are only rarely . But when the two met in 19, Pound was far more popular and famous. Pound was a fan of Eliot ;The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock,; which he described as ;the best poem I have yet had or seen from an American.; He soon took the younger man under his wing, ming one of the most unlikely friendships in literary history. Eliot was a somber and timid individual while Pound was an outrageously flamboyant troublemaker, an anti-Semite, and a fascist.如今,艾略特已是世纪最著名的一位诗人,而埃兹拉·庞德的著作却鲜有人读但两人于19年相遇时,庞德比现在有名多了当时,庞德非常喜欢艾略特的《普鲁弗洛克的情歌这首诗,他说,;这首诗太棒了,我在美国从来没有读过这样的诗;后来,他很快将艾略特收归麾下,两人在文学史上也留下了一段看似不可能的伟大友谊艾略特性格忧郁,胆小,而庞德则凶狠残暴,总是制造事端,而且还是位反犹太主义者,拥护法西斯主义But Pound played a key role in Eliot development, editing his work masterfully and arranging it to be published in influential magazines. Pound even broke the news to Eliot parents that their son was abandoning his career to become a poet. Without Pound, Eliot masterpiece ;The Waste Land; might still be known as ;He Do The Police In Different Voices.;In fact, Pound had a habit of mentoring promising young authors who later became famous, helping to popularize everyone from Ernest Hemingway to James Joyce. Hemingway estimated that Pound spent only a fifth of his time on his own work, dedicating the rest to helping his friends: ;He defends them when they are attacked, he gets them into magazines and out of jail. He loans them money. He sells their pictures. He writes s about them. He introduces them to wealthy women. He gets publishers to take their books . . . And in the end a few of them refrain from knifing him at the first opporty.; Hemingway himself refrained from knifing Pound until the depths of his deranged anti-Semitism became clear during World War II, causing the author to declare his mer friend ;obviously crazy. He deserves punishment and disgrace but what he really deserves most is ridicule.;但是对于艾略特作品的发行,庞德也发挥了重大的作用:熟练地帮他编辑作品,联系有影响力的杂志社并安排出版庞德甚至向艾略特的父母透露,艾略特打算辞职当诗人如果没有庞德,艾略特的大作《荒原可能只叫做He Do The Police In Different Voices 这样让你陌生的名字事实上,庞德经常指导有前途的年轻作家,从欧内斯特·海明威到詹姆斯·乔伊斯,都曾在他的帮助下成名海明威曾估计,庞德只将自己五分之一的精力用在自己的工作上,而其他时间都在帮助朋友海明威说:;在朋友受到攻击时,他挺身而出;他助其成名,免除牢狱之灾不仅借钱给朋友,帮他们卖画,还为他们撰文他还将他们介绍给贵妇,更是请出版商为他们出书……但是最后,却只有几个人选择不中伤他;直到二战期间,庞德疯狂的反犹太人意识深入骨髓,表现得也愈加明显,海明威自己也不得不公开声称,他这位曾经的好友已经;明显就是疯了……他的作为让人感到羞耻,他就应该受到惩罚,而且最应该受到大家的奚落;.Fitzgerald And Hemingway.菲茨杰拉德和海明威Pound wasnt the only one to champion Hemingway during his early years. Arguably the greatest American writer in history might have remained completely unknown if not the efts of his friend and fellow author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The two first met in 195, when Fitzgerald was aly an acclaimed author and Hemingway was just a journalist with a handful of short stories and poems to his name. They quickly became close friends and Fitzgerald introduced Hemingway to his famous editor, Max Perkins.海明威出名前,庞德并不是唯一一个持他的人这位历史上极富争议而又伟大的美国作家如果没有他的好友作家斯科特·菲茨杰拉德不遗余力的帮助,可能至今都默默无闻两位作家于195年初次相遇,当时菲茨杰拉德已经功成名就,而海明威还只是个记者,只创作了些短篇故事和诗作他们的友情很快进入;蜜月期;,后来菲茨杰拉德把海明威介绍给了他那位著名的编辑——麦克斯·珀金斯The biggest help Fitzgerald offered Hemingway was editing his breakthrough work The Sun Also Rises, a novel about a dissolute group of American expatriates drifting from Paris to a bullfight in Spain. Perkins thought Hemingway first draft was unpublishable and Fitzgerald agreed, writing a detailed -page critique of the book ;careless and ineffectual; aspects. He was particularly scathing about the opening chapter, declaring that ;when so many people can write well [and] the competition is so heavy I cant imagine how you could have done these first pages so casually.; To his credit, Hemingway took the advice, cutting the first pages of the book entirely and making substantial revisions elsewhere. However, he lied about the issue in his posthumously published memoir A Moveable Feast, which claims that Fitzgerald never saw the book until the final draft was with the publisher.菲茨杰拉德对海明威最大的帮助就是为他编校了《太阳照常升起,这部巨著讲述了一群放浪形骸的美国战后流亡青年从巴黎到西班牙参加斗牛节,之后引发了一系列爱恨纠葛的故事珀金斯认为海明威的初稿不值得出版,菲茨杰拉德对此也无异议菲茨杰拉德就此书写了一封非常详尽,长达页的批判稿,批判了书中出现的冗杂无用之处他尤其严肃认真地批判了这本小说的第一章,并说道:;很多人都可以把这部分写得非常好,现在竞争如此激烈,我没想到你竟然如此敷衍地写完了前页;菲茨杰拉德的这种做法让海明威深感钦佩,他接受了建议,将书中的前页内容全部删掉,在其他地方也做了大量的修改然而在他死后出版的回忆录《流动的盛筵中对于此事却撒谎,声称菲茨杰拉德从没看过这本书,直到最终版本给了出版商后,他才看到3.The American Who Fought Castro3.为卡斯特罗而战的美国人Besides Che Guevara and the Castro brothers, were largely unfamiliar with the people who fought against the brutal Cuban regime of Fulgencio Batista. Which is a shame, considering that were missing out on such amazing figures as William Alexander Morgan, the American who fought with Castro.除了切·格瓦拉和卡斯特罗兄弟,我们对于反对古巴富尔亨西奥·巴蒂斯塔独裁政权的其他勇士一无所知多么遗憾!我们竟然忘记了一位非常出色的人物——威廉·亚历山大·根,这位与卡斯特罗一同战斗的美国人Born in 19, Morgan left home as a teenager and joined the army at 18. After spending five years in jail deserting, he got married and began running errands the Mafia. In the 1950s, he became involved in smuggling guns to the revolutionaries fighting to overthrow Batista. Quickly becoming a believer in their cause, he joined their fight in 1957. Soon, Morgan rose through the ranks to become a comandante, a title only granted to one other eigner, a certain Che Guevara.After the fall of Batista in 1959, Morgan arrived in Havana to chants of ;Americano!; Although staunchly anti-Communist, he initially remained loyal to Fidel Castro, who was not openly Marxist at that time. When he was offered a million dollars to turn against Castro, he played along, broadcasting the sounds of a fake uprising to lure a squad of Dominican invaders into an ambush. But when Fidel began to display socialist leanings, he turned against him real, arranging to smuggle weapons to a new rebel group opposing Castro. He was caught and executed in 1961.根出生于19年,少年时期便离家外出,18岁时参军后来因为逃跑,被判坐牢5年出狱后,他便成家,开始为黑手党跑腿世纪50年代时,他开始走私械,把械卖给要推翻巴蒂斯塔政权的武装革命分子很快他也成了革命的忠实拥护者,1957年,他也加入了这场革命根一步一步从最底层被提拔为指挥官,而这一头衔只授予过另一个外国人——切·格瓦拉1959年,巴蒂斯塔政权被推翻以后,根曾到哈瓦那市欢颂;美国万岁;的口号根是反共主义拥护者,而当时卡斯特罗并没有公开自己信奉马克思主义,所以他仍然效忠于卡斯特罗多明尼反叛者曾经贿赂根一百万美元,让他背叛卡斯特罗,他佯装同意,广泛散播消息说他要起兵反抗,引诱这群反叛者陷入圈套但是当卡斯特罗开始出现共产主义倾向时,根便真正与卡斯特罗背道而驰,他又开始走私,卖给那些反对卡斯特罗的新武装叛变份子1961年根被捕,处以极刑.Winston Churchill Father Figure.温斯顿·丘吉尔如父般的长辈Born in Ireland, William Bourke Cockran came to the US at the age of . Settling in New York, he became an eminent attorney, served five terms in Congress, and was widely declared the greatest public speaker of his time. His skills as an orator were so good Churchill himself described him as the best speaker he had ever heard, declaring that he had ;never seen his like, or in some respects his equal.;威廉·伯克·科克兰出生于爱尔兰,岁时移民美国在纽约定居后,他成为一名出色的律师,在国会任期五年,并被称为当时最伟大的演说家他的演讲技巧非常高超,就连丘吉尔也称赞科克兰是他见过最棒的演说家,他说他;从未见过能与科克兰相比的人,或者某些方面能达到他的水平的人;Cockran apparently had a brief relationship with Churchill mother after the death of her husband, and they remained close friends. When Churchill was a young man, he decided to visit the US and Cockran agreed to put him up in his luxurious New York townhouse. Cockran eventually became something of a father figure to Churchill, advising and mentoring him in the art of public speaking. Under Cockran tutelage, Churchill began to take an interest in politics and began emulating Cockran delivery pattern when addressing audiences. Churchill early political and economic views were also modeled on Cockran. Six years later, Churchill was elected to Parliament and became known his own speaking skills.科克兰显然在丘吉尔的父亲去世后与丘吉尔的母亲有过短暂的恋爱关系,在那之后,他们的关系仍然很亲密丘吉尔年轻时,决定去美国走走,而科克兰则在他那所豪华的纽约市政厅内接待了丘吉尔于丘吉尔而言,科克兰后来充当了他父亲的角色,为他的演说提供意见以及指导在科克兰的指导和影响下,丘吉尔开始对政治感兴趣,并且在面对观众时开始模仿科克兰的讲演模式丘吉尔早期的政治和经济见解都从科克兰那里有迹可循六年之后,丘吉尔进入国会,开始以自己的演讲技巧而闻名1.The Other Oracle1.另一位隐形股神Regarded by many as the most successful investor of the th century, Warren Buffett, the ;Oracle of Omaha,; is regularly ranked among the richest people in the world. But a big part in Buffett success story belongs to his little-known friend, Charlie Munger. The two have been friends almost 60 years and Munger has served as Buffett second-in-command the last 37. In a neat twist, Munger first job was actually working Buffet grandfather at .98 an hour, although he didnt meet the younger Warren until years later.沃伦·巴菲特作为世纪最成功的投资商,受到众人的膜拜,他被称为;奥马哈股神;,是世界富豪排行榜上的常客但是巴菲特的成功很大一部分归因于一位不知名的朋友——查理·芒格两位的友谊已经持续了将近60年,而芒格也当了巴菲特的副手37年然而芒格的第一份工作其实是为巴菲特的爷爷打工,每小时只有1.98美元,工作了很多年后,他才认识了年轻时的巴菲特Bee meeting Munger, Buffett followed the investing philosophy of his mentor, Benjamin Graham, who believed in buying underpriced assets and quickly selling them when their true value became apparent. This netted Buffett a huge tune in his early years, but Munger wasnt convinced it was the best way ward. Instead, he argued in favor of paying a fair price good companies and then holding on to them as they grew, trusting that the long-term yields would justify the initial investment. It required patience and good management, but Munger argued that over time the profit margins would be even greater than Graham short-term buy-to-sell strategy. Buffet found Munger ideas strange at first, but eventually came to embrace them, writing that ;it took a powerful ce to move me on from Graham limiting views. It was the power of Charlie mind. He expanded my horizons.; Munger philosophy eventually yielded huge results, helping to turn Buffett Berkshire Hathaway into one of the largest conglomerates in the world.认识芒格之前,巴菲特信奉的是他的导师——本杰明·格雷厄姆的投资哲学,格雷厄姆认为买进被低估的资产,然后在这些资产的价值初步展现时迅速卖出这让巴菲特在早些年赚了很大一笔钱,但是芒格则不认为这种哲学可以一劳永逸相反,他持以平价买下一家前景不错的公司,然后等着这家公司发展,他相信长期的投资效益可以明最初的投资是正确的这虽然要求耐心以及良好的管理,但是芒格认为时间长了,获得的利润空间要比格雷厄姆理论获得的利润大得多起初,巴菲特认为芒格的想法太奇怪了,但是最终还是接受了这些想法,他曾写道:;把我从格雷厄姆那局限的理论中拉出来需要极其强大的力量,而这股力量就是查理的思想他让我的眼界更开阔;芒格的理论最终为巴菲特带来了巨大的好处,它使巴菲特的伯克希尔·哈撒韦公司成为世界上最大的一家企业集团翻译:晃晃 来源:前十网 6555At the Barbers and Beauty Salon 理发店与美容厅Key Sentences(重点句子)6.Id like to have my hair cut.我想理个发7. How do you want it?您想理什么式样的?8.Just a trim,and cut the sides fairly short,but not so much at the back.修剪一下就行了两边剪短些,但后面不要剪得太多9.Nothing off the top?顶上不要剪吗?0.Well,a little off the top.嗯,稍微剪一点1.Would you like a shave or shampoo?您要不要修面或洗头?.I want a haircut and a shave,please.我想理发和修面3.Very well,and how would you like your haircut,sir?好的,您喜欢什么发式?.Do you want me to trim your moustache?要我为您修剪一下小胡子吗?5.Well, could you cut a little more off the temple?好,能不能把两边鬓角再剪短些?6.Is that satisfactory?您看这样满意吗?7.Anything else I can do you?还要我为您做些什么吗?8.I want a facial.我想做面部美容9.Most facials start with a thorough cleansing.面部美容大都是先彻底清洁面部皮肤0.Ill take the half-hour facial with make-up.我要做半小时美容外加化妆 1971

导购口语:Nylons have the virtue of durability.尼龙丝袜有耐穿的优点These socks are made of imported wool.这些袜子是进口羊毛制成的This is a nice tie. It will go well with your dress.这条皮带很漂亮,很配您的衣 语句:The virtue of durability耐穿的优点;imported wool进口羊毛;a nice tie皮带很漂亮,很配 情景再现:Those pink shoes and yellow socks do not go together.那双粉红鞋和黄袜子不相配I want a belt that will go with a black dress.我想要一个能搭配黑色衣的皮带One will have a good feeling when wearing a leather belt with the quality of both pliability and hardness.这种极柔软又耐磨的皮带用起来感觉很好 1850导购口语:This copier doesnt need any special paper. And it can reproduce color photographs.这台复印机不需要特殊纸张,可复制色照片This copier copies everything from book pages to documents, including picture in any color.这台复印机从书页到文件,包括各种颜色的图画,什么都能复印This copier is not only smaller in size, but also efficient.这台复印机不仅体积小而且效率高 语句:以上三句话可以很好地说明复印的功效,复印机除了用“copier”表达外,还可以说“copying machine; copy machine”;reproduce color photographs复制色照片 情景再现:Would you give me a demonstration of this copier?你能为我示范操作一下这台复印机吗?Im phoning because wed like to purchase your copying machine.我打电话是想买你们的复印机Is the repair of this copy machine free of charge?这台复印机的维修是免费的吗?It good. There a little noise about the duplicator.太好了,这台复印机噪声很小 1993As incredible as it may seem, a 1-year-old woman still participates in farm chores in her home in Chongqing.看起来可能令人不可思议,重庆一位1高龄的老人仍能在家中干农活The Chongqing Commercial Daily recently profiled Zheng Shixiang, who lives in the city Tongnan district. Born in 19, Zheng turned 1 on July 31.近日,据《重庆商报报道,这位住在潼南区的老人名叫郑世祥,她出生于19年,到今年7月31日就已经年满1岁了Zheng lives with of her children, grandchildren and other family members. Together, her household spans five generations. Zheng loved ones often remind her to take it easy and leave the farm chores younger workers. However, even then, Zheng does the work secretly.郑婆婆和儿子、孙子等一大家子共口人五世同堂她的家人总是劝她多休息,不用做家务,留给年轻人们做,可即便如此,她还偷偷的去干活;I still feel healthy. I would feel uncomtable if I sat still and didnt do anything,; she explained.她说,“我的身子骨还好着呢,如果什么也不做,那我全身上下都会觉得不舒”;My mother can never be idle. She has worked hard her entire life,; said Ji Shengyan, Zheng 73-year-old son. According to Ji, Zheng still helps to harvest pumpkins and ragweed, wash dirty laundry and with various other tasks. ;She even did farm work on her birthday,; Ji added.郑婆婆73岁的儿子吉胜严表示:“母亲总是闲不下来她的一生都是在辛勤劳作”据他所说,郑婆婆还帮忙收南瓜、打猪草、洗衣,并做一些其他的农活吉胜严补充说道,“即时是生日当天,她还下地干活”Ji told the reporter that Zheng enjoys watching TV, especially Kung Fu and war series. She sometimes watches her favorite programs until midnight. According to the town governor, there are currently four centenarians living in the area.Z heng is the oldest one.吉胜严告诉记者,郑婆婆还喜欢看电视,特别是武打片和战争片有时,遇到喜欢的节目她还会看到深夜据该镇镇长介绍,镇上共有名百岁老人郑婆婆是年纪最大的一个 69

Registration登记住宿A: I hear that this is one of the best hotels around.我听说过这是附近最好的宾馆之一B: We like to think so, sir.是的,先生A: Im new in this city and will only be staying a few days. But I would like to enjoy seeing and doing as many things as possible while Im here.我刚到这个城市,而且将会在这待上几天但是我想在我停留这段时间能尽可能过得开心B: May I ask, sir, have you checked in yet?先生,请问您登记了吗?A: No, I havent.还没有B: If you will, please fill out this card. Please write your name and home address here. This is where you put your passport number.如果愿意的话,请填写这张卡请在这里写上您的姓名,家庭住址这里填写您的护照号码A: In this box?在这个方框里吗?B: That right. Now sign your name at the bottom.是的,在最底下签上您的名字A: Like this?像这样吗?B: Very good, sir. Would you like a single room?非常好,先生您想要一个单人间吗?A: Yes, please.对B: Will you be staying two days?您要在这儿住两天吗?A: Possibly three, but put me down two, anyway.可能是3天,但是不管怎样,先写两天吧B: Would you like to pay in cash or charge it?您是付现金还是记账?A: Ill pay in cash.付现金B: Very well, sir. Here is your room card to Room .好的,先生这是您的房卡,房间号是A: Thanks. Could you point me in the right direction?谢谢,您能告诉我怎么走吗?B: Certainly, sir. The elevators are right across the lobby. Floors two to fifteen are the elevators the right.当然可以,先生电梯就在大厅的正对面,到楼上下使用的电梯在右边 189831

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